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Ohio Police Officer Caught on Camera Repeatedly Punching Black Suspect

This one's probably going to become another viral controversy, as a white Ohio Officer working with the Euclid Police Department is captured on film punching and kicking a black suspect while he's unarmed.

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The footage begins with Euclid Police Officer Michael Amiott stopping the suspect Richard Hubbard on a street in Euclid, Ohio.

As officer Amiott pulls the suspect out of the vehicle he begins to slam him against his own car in a modified armbar then wrestling with the man while kicking and kneeing him simultaneously going for a leg sweep to take the man down.

The police officer claims that the 25-year-old Hubbard refused orders and resisted arrest.

After Hubbard is taken to the ground the plot only thickens as Officer Amiott continues to punch the man repeatedly as his backup struggles with him.

At one point in the video, an unidentified female gets out of the passenger side of the car and begins screaming at the Officers as they continue to lay the smack down on Hubbard.

Hubbard repeatedly says while being punched “I dindu nuffin”, in an attempt to prove his innocence.

It appears however that Hubbard was indeed resisting because he's struggling against the officers throughout the footage.

There isn't an excuse for the repetitive punching on behalf of the officers according to the Police Chief of the Euclid Police Department, Scott Meyer, who has suspended Officer Amiott for fifteen days without pay.

The Ohio Fraternal Order of Police, however, is standing by Officer Amiott, stating that he did nothing wrong.

There are however unconfirmed allegations that Officer Amiott has a history of disciplinary issues.

The case will likely result in both an internal affairs investigation as well as a lawsuit from the suspect who clearly was resisting arrest.

It comes as a lesson, don't disrespect the police or fail to comply with their demands and these issues most likely wouldn't happen to begin with.


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