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The Permit To Film An Adult Movie Now Costs $1,671

If you were considering doing a little adult film work, you might want to think again. 5 years ago, Los Angeles voters enacted Measure B to make it mandatory for adult actors to use condoms. But the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors didn't pass the cornerstone of this law until this week. This final unanimous vote now means all adult filmmakers are required to obtain a rather costly film permit. The permit will cost $1,671 which will approve the filmmaker to produce content for a period two years before it will need to be renewed. In a memo from the county health director Barbara Ferrer, she says the Department of Public Health is "empowered with regulatory authority … including, but not limited to, inspections and investigations related to the transmission of sexually transmitted infections."

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Essentially, what this means is The Department of Public Health can show up to your film set and make sure filmmakers are complying with regulations and have the new costly permit required by Measure B. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation claimed the passing of Measure B as a victory. Michael Weinstein, the president of the nonprofit group, said "We congratulate and thank the L.A. County Board of Supervisors for voting for this prudent public health resolution to protect the health and safety of those people working in the adult film industry. With enforcement mechanisms now in place, we anticipate compliance with Measure B increases and that safety on set also increases." The adult film industry is not pleased with this new measure and fought tooth and nail to prevent its passing. The $1,671 permit is required by any adult filmmaker no matter the size of the production company.

Even individuals streaming adult entertainment through live webcam shows at home will be required to pay for the permit. Ferrer justified the cost of the permit in her memo saying, "The permit fee considers staff salaries based on time spent on permitting activities, operating expenses and overhead." Critics of the new permit fee argue that it will push more adult filmmakers underground and will ultimately cause more harm than good as people avoid taking the legal route for producing adult content.

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