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Mobile, Alabama Daycare Worker Charged in Death of Five Year Old Child

When you send your precious child off to school or daycare, you expect the staff and teachers to ensure their safety at all times.

Unfortunately, in 2017 there are massive failures on behalf of the daycares and the public school systems that lead to catastrophic tragedies involving the death of small children.

That happened again recently in Mobile, Alabama, after a five-year-old child was found deceased in a driveway near the daycare where his parents had dropped him off.

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Five-year-old Kamden Johnson was found dead on August 21st in the driveway of a home on the 2108 block of Demetropolis Road in Mobile.

His parents had dropped him off at the Community Nursery & Preschool Academy location on 2258 Hillcrest Road in Mobile, where he attends daycare regularly.

Mobile Police Chief Lawrence Battiste today identified the boy as Kamden Dewan Johnson. Battiste said police received a call Monday afternoon of a person deceased in the area.

When officers arrived in the area, police found Kamden's body. "We were able to make an arrest late Monday night of Valarie Rena Patterson," said Battiste.

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Mobile County Jail records show that 46-year-old Patterson was the driver of the vehicle which is used to transport children from the Community Nursery & Preschool Academy to three other facilities which are in cooperation with the daycare to house specific age groups.

“She came in on her own accord and spoke with our officers and subsequently she was later charged," said Battiste. "She was somewhat cooperative."

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"There were some things that led us to believe that she had some involvement with the child and that most likely would have come through the daycare," said Battiste.

The Community Nursery & Preschool Academy Director for the facility, Kenya Anderson, said she was “stunned” by the child's death.

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She said that the child was originally dropped off on Monday morning by his mother and was taken on Patterson's vehicle to another daycare facility operated by the company.

She said Patterson typically begins her day by picking up the van from another daycare facility on Hall Mills Road and then returns to start morning drop offs.

"She comes here and gets her students and verifies that she has everyone," said Anderson. "She transports them to three locations on that route."

Anderson went on to say that after the morning drop offs are completed, Patterson would bring the van back to the Halls Mills Road location and pick up her personal vehicle.

"That should be right around 1 o'clock," said Anderson. "It's a split shift so she's only working a couple hours in the morning and just a van run in the evening."

She said when Patterson returned from her afternoon drop offs she told her that she did not pick up Johnson.

"She told me Kamden did not ride yesterday evening," said Anderson. "I told her normally his mom would text and let me know, but I would call her to find out."

Anderson said by that time Mobile police had arrived at the location to question Patterson since she was the driver.

While in tears trying to explain what had happened, Anderson said that “it's indescribable”, and that “words can't explain it” and also she “can't believe this happened”.

She went on to describe the now deceased child, saying, “He was a sweet child. I would always say, 'Come on Kamden it's time for your van run," said Anderson. "He likes to watch cartoons so we would always get him and tell him to come on. He was always happy I never seen him sad."

Unfortunately for the daycare, the liability is in their hands, and the failure of their business to investigate the driver's background is fully responsible for this innocent child's death.

Upon doing research, Mobile County Jail records show that Patterson had a long and illustrious arrest history, dating as far back as to November of 1991 for three counts of second-degree theft of property charges, two counts of first-degree theft of property, two counts of third-degree theft of property, no driver's license and failure to appear in court charges.

As if that wasn't bad enough, she was again arrested a second time in August of 1999 in Florida on a first-degree theft of property, giving a false name to police and fugitive from justice charges. Court documents show that Patterson used an alias name of Valarie Hardy during those charges against her.

As if the ignorance and incompetence of the daycare in checking the background of this monstrous criminal wasn't already flawed enough, most recently Patterson was arrested a third time in October of 2007 on a fugitive from justice charge.

During that arrest, court records showed that she went by an alias name of Amika Lashawn Brisker.

Battiste said that a preliminary autopsy by the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences on Tuesday determined there were no signs of physical trauma to the child, and that manner of death still has not been determined at this time.

Battiste said that currently, Patterson is the primary suspect in Kamden's death, but the investigation is ongoing and more charges could be pending in the future.

Before closing out a press conference Tuesday morning, Battiste added that having to investigate the death of a child is always traumatic.

"You can never be prepared for the death of a 5-year-old," said Battiste. "It's not just traumatic to me it's traumatic to my investigators. One of the very first thoughts that came to my mind is I have a picture of my sons and I immediately thought of Kamden."

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The family of Johnson released a statement through their attorney, Gregory L.S. Harris II:

<blockquote>"As you can imagine, our family is simply devastated. There are really no words that can describe or express the loss that we have suffered. In this difficult time, we want to thank everyone for the outpouring of love that you have shown us and ask that you keep us firmly in your prayers, as you allow us our time to grieve in private."</blockquote>

To make matters even worse, today at Patterson’s bond hearing in Mobile District Court, her adult son had to be restrained by police officers and the entire courtroom cleared due to safety concerns.

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Mobile District Attorney Ashley Rich served as the lead prosecutor on the case and Mobile Police Department Chief Lawrence Battiste also attended the bond hearing of the woman accused of being responsible for the death of a young child.

After the chaotic hearing, Rich stated that new paperwork had been filed to add an additional charge of manslaughter against Patterson.

“It's just a formality at this point," said Rich. "The judge wants everything together so we've reset the bond hearing to tomorrow."

Mobile County Jail records show Demarcus Lyman, Patterson’s son as to have been sharing the same home address, 2453 Gulf Terra Drive, as Patterson.

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He was charged with interfering with judicial proceedings. Prior to this incident, Lymon did not have any arrests on his record.


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