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Kellogg’s Assembly Line Worker Urinates On A Conveyor Belt Full Of Rice Krispies on Video

Breitbart News has featured a video of a worker urinating on a Rice Krispies Treats assembly line in a Kellogg plant located in Memphis. Breitbart News released the video as part of the all-out-attack on Kellogg.

The video was shot back in 2014 when there was a labor dispute between Kellogg and it’s employees. The employee is seen urinating on puffed rice as it passes through a conveyor belt. The urine probably affected several products such as Rice Krispies Treats cereal, puffed rice cake products, and Rice Krispies Treats.

In a statement made by Kellogg, the company said that it takes the situation seriously and that it was shocked by the video, it also said that it had alerted the law enforcement authorities. The company said that it was conducting a thorough internal investigation while the criminal investigation was underway. The company expressed its outrage towards the situation adding that it was going to prosecute to the full extent of the law.

The source of the dispute between Kellogg and its employees was the illegal lockout from October 2013 to August 2014 involving 200 workers at the Memphis plant. The major cause of the lockout was Kellogg’s attempt to modify the labor contract by having additional casual workers who would receive fewer benefits and a pay of less than $6 per hour. The company also wanted to lay off and re-hire unionized workers as casual workers under the rejected proposal.

The video was shot before the changes were implemented at Kellogg’s assembly line. During this period which was around 2014, both Kellogg’s employees and temporary staff were working together at the plant.

This unfortunate story had been published back in March of 2016. However, Breitbart has republished it as part of the retaliation against the company pulling its advertising from the Breitbart. The company cited differences in values as to why it pulled its advertisements from the site. This resulted to the boycott that Breitbart has launched using the #DumpKelloggs which has now become a trending topic on twitter and other social media sites.

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