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Jon Jones To Lose Title Belt After Failing UFC 214 Drug Test

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Jon Jones has made headlines again today, this time it's not for the triumphant title belt victory it was for last month. UFC's Dana White told ESPN that Jones has failed his UFC 214 drug test. An inside source told TMZ says that Jones tested positive for 'Turinabol', an anabolic steroid. White says if the test results hold, Jones will be loosing the light heavyweight title belt he just won in a championship bout against Daniel Cormier.

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This is not the first time the light heavyweight fighter has been caught for performance enhancing substances. Jones recently came back from a 1-year suspension from UFC after testing positive for a banned substance he claims was from a sex-boosting Cialis pill. The banned substance in question was an estrogen blocker that is commonly used as part of steroid 'cycles' when athletes need to suppress female hormones. He tested positive for the substance last year in early 2016. Jones was also the subject of a criminal case where he was involved in a hit and run which left a pregnant woman with a broken arm. He has been working to regain his fans' trust ever since and now it appears that it was all for naught.

Jones victory against Daniel Cormier in UFC 214 took place on July 29th this year and was the pairs second time facing off. The much-anticipated fight ended when Jones head kicked Cormier and proceeded to reign down a series of blows that ended in a knockout. No word from John Jones yet as to the results of the test and his future in the UFC. Jones could be facing a 4-year ban this time around and will likely end any credibility in his career as a UFC fighter.

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