By: Savannah Smith | 12-08-2016 | News
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Is Ivanka The Brains and Power Behind The Trump-DiCarpio Meeting About Green Jobs?

He is definitely an A-list award-winning Hollywood actor, who in the recent years has taken on environmental activism especially in fighting climate change and in promoting wildlife preservation. He has always voted Democrat, supported Hillary Clinton in the recent campaign and even hosted a dinner event to raise funds for her candidacy.

But unlike some of his fellow American celebrities who supported Hillary but could not move on from her crushing defeat, and who continue to refuse the reality of Donald Trump's victory, Leonardo DiCaprio at least has the good sense to move forward and choose to be productive. Instead of whining over the election result, or engage in a futile Trump-hating stunt, DiCaprio wasted no time in helping arrange a meeting with the President-elect and presenting his green agenda to the 45th American President. And the popular actor sure is smart enough to know who can serve as the best bridge to make the crucial meeting possible- Ivanka Trump, no less, especially in light of recent reports that she has professed an interest to carry climate change as one of her signature issues under her father's presidency.

DiCaprio met with Ivanka a few days ago where apart from their environmental discussions presumably focusing on climate change, the actor also presented Ivanka with a copy of his climate change-themed documentary film " Before The Flood." And with that, the meeting with Trump materialized.

The Titanic star along with the CEO of the Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation ( LDF) Terry Tamminen met with the incoming President, Ivanka and members of Trump's team at the Trump Tower in New York on Wednesday. The pair gave a presentation to Trump, Ivanka and team on how focusing renewable, clean energy could create millions of jobs.

Tamminen said that the President-elect was receptive to their presentation and even suggested a follow up to their conversation next month.

It is also to Trump's credit that he has shown the willingness and openness to meet with known supporters of his rival Hillary Clinton like DiCarpio, and even talk about issues he has previously expressed cynicism about like climate change. Trump has also met with leading climate change champion Al Gore.

The back-to-back Trump-Gore meeting and the Trump-DiCarpio meeting can also confirm the observation that Ivanka is poised to play a crucial role in her father's presidency, and would become more influential and visible than incoming First Lady Melania Trump. Only days after reports came out that she will make climate change one of her signature issues, she has already arranged two key meetings with the issue's leading voices and advocates- a testament not only to her influence, but a preview as well of her work ethics perhaps- fast, efficient and firmly means business.

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