By: Steve Dellar | 08-22-2017 | News
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Just Another Weekend in Chicago, 6 Dead, 33 Shot

Summer has a way of heating up emotions. In Chicago, it certainly did just that over the weekend. Once again, the windy city is living up to its reputation as America's most violent place.

As we all know, the city's overall crime rate, especially for violent crimes, is substantially higher than the US average. Last year, Chicago was responsible for almost half of the increase in homicides in the US, although the reasons for the higher numbers in Chicago remain unclear.

Chicagoans must have felt they had something prove as Charlottesville had taken the spotlight away from them when it comes to crime and violence, and this weekend they took back the reins.

As the Chicago Tribune reported, no less than 33 people were wounded in which 6 fatally within a 13-hour span from Saturday to Sunday across the city in various shootings, which included attacks in the West Pullman neighborhood which left one individual dead and wounded six others.

According to police reports, a shooter inside a black SUV shot at a crowd gathered in a large parking lot in the 11900 block of South Loomis Street and then drove off. A man died at the scene and laid next to a white BMW sports car, whilst one of the doors was still open.

During this attack, six other people were shot. Chicago police did not provide immediate information as to the victim's conditions or to which hospital in the city they had been taken.Most of the victims were in their thirties and were shot in the legs.

In another incident, a thirty-year-old man was shot dead whilst stopped at a traffic light at 5.10 am in the morning near the Brighton park neighborhood.

Meanwhile, in the Rogers park neighborhood, at 4.30 am on Sunday morning, a 32-year old man was shot whilst two others were wounded in a drive-by shooting. The victims were simply standing on the sidewalk. Also, in this case, an SUV was used to commit the crime.

The list of shootings and crimes for the past weekend adds another sad record to the city.


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