By: Savannah Smith | 12-08-2016 | News
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Poll Says Americans Don't Favor Forcing Trump To Sell His Businesses

President-elect Donld Trump's winning ways continue even with the new polls, with the survey figures showing that he is gaining bigger and wider support and approval from the American public since emerging as the winner in the presidential election. His actions and pronouncements as president-in-waiting have also contributed to his positive numbers in the polls.

A recent survey shows 60% of Americans support his deal with Carrier. Now, a national poll by Bloomberg Politcs say 69% of Americans approve of Trump's plans for his businesses and they believe that he should not be forced to sell his companies or that of his family. This particular result is in such stark contrast with how some mainstream media have been prematurely- if not overly exaggerating- fears of conflict of interest as far as Trump's would-be presidency and his business empire are concerned.

A spokesperson for Trump has said on Tuesday that the billionaire businessman has sold all of his stock last June. Trump admits it won't be appropriate for him to to keep owning stocks. His critics, however. continue to point to his wider portfolio of assets with companies and real estate holdings around the world as possible source of conflict of interest. His children have enterprises of their own, most notably Ivanka.

Trump's camp has scheduled a December 15 press conference where the President-elect is expected to discuss more about his businesses, his plans, as well as address issues of conflict of interest. During the campaign, Trump did underscore that he will have no special interest except the interest of the American public, unlike Hillary Clinton who has been hugely criticized for conflict of interest issues by allegedly currying favors for big donors of the family-run Clinton Foundation.

The Bloomberg National Poll also shows that a majority 51% think Trump will put the country's interests over his family's financial interests in his international dealings with foreign leaders.

The first national poll conducted by Bloomberg since the election also reveals that 55% of the respondents say they are more optimistic about a Trump presidency because of what he has been doing and saying since winning the election. 35% say they are more pessimistic.

37% also say they believe that the country is headed in the right direction now, incidentally the highest level garnered in a Bloomberg National Poll on the same concern since February of 2013. 49% think the country is headed in the wrong direction, a dramatic decrease from the 68% who believe the same just this August. The improvement is mostly attributed to Trump supporters and their sense of optimism in the leadership of Trump.

Almost three quarters also say they are willing to give Trump the flexibility to have some changes or to re-calibrate his campaign pledges, including reversing himself on calling for the prosecution of Hillary Clinton for her private email server anomaly during her stint as secretary of state.

While Trump made impact and inspired his followers to passionately participate in the election, now that he is already the President-elect, the poll discovers that 79% say they want a less confrontational Trump and that they want him to tone down a bit with his fighting stance in the campaign. Interestingly, that includes 67% of those who voted for him. To his credit, since his victory speech following the election, Trump has been calling for unity as he promised to serve as the President of all Americans. He has also been meeting with and reaching out even to his opponents and critics during the campaign.

Over all, the poll results paint a positive outlook for Trump as well as high hopes for the American public.

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