By: Savannah Smith | 12-08-2016 | News
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Report Says Simple " Magic Words" Allow Illegals to Enter U.S., Aided By Obama Policy

A recent report reveals that illegal immigrants are abusing the government's leniency in dealing with them to enter and stay in the country. In many instances, the government is being seen as even aiding and enabling the illegals to exploit immigration policies to their full advantage.

The report intimates that illegal immigrants crossing the U.S. border are allowed to stay in the country for years on end so long as they can provide the " magic words" when apprehended by U.S. authorities. This became possible because of a policy change instituted by the Obama administration in 2009.

The policy change allows illegal immigrants to be released into the country and allowed to stay if they express fear of returning to their countries of origin. The catch is the claims of fear of course need to be substantiated and investigated, but chances are the process can drag on for years, from two to three or even beyond. So while investigations are ongoing the illegal immigrants get to stay in the country. Prior to the said policy change of Obama, the illegal immigrants are placed in a detention center while probes are ongoing to check the veracity of their claims.

The reports say illegal immigrants are exploiting to the hilt the new policy of allowing them entry into the country while investigations are pending. Most are even being coached to exploit said loophole in the policy change. Unfortunately, the report also finds out that most of the " fear claims" of the illegal immigrants later proved to be false.

Washington Times reporter Stephen Dinan also shares that many of these illegal immigrants already have family members staying in the U.S. who strongly advise them to use the fear card to be compassionately allowed temporary entry into the country.

The report also discloses that the most widely used expression of fear by the illegals is their " credible fear" of drug cartels in their country. That works magic for them as they are allowed to cross the U.S. border.

The request for asylum to the U.S. by these type of immigrants due to fear of returning to their countries of origin has increased tenfold since the Obama administration started the policy change, up to 10% the past year from 1% in 2009.

Such loopholes being exploited by illegal immigrants can be judiciously looked at by the incoming Trump administration for potential necessary reforms, especially with President-elect Donald Trump's tough and consistent vow to introduce a strong crackdown on illegal immigration.

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