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"Trying to erase history is not putting us forward it's putting us backwards" -Joy Villa

Joy Villa is #12 on the Billboard top 200 list and she has something to say about the issue of Confederate memorials in America. Villa appeared on Fox News late Sunday night to tell the world how she feels about removing historical statues. Villa recently made headlines when she wore a dress supporting Donald Trump to the Grammys. She even said, "I lost friends" over wearing the dress which said 'Make America Great Again' in bold letters.

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Now, the African-American singer is back and she has something else to say, this time it's about the Confederate statues being torn down across the country. "I think we should not get rid of these statues," the singer said during her interview on Fox News. She went on to say, "Just because we have a statue, doesn't mean we are celebrating what happened. It commemorates a moment in history, just like we have a 9/11 memorial. That doesn't commemorate it as something we celebrate, so trying to erase history is not putting us forward it's putting us backwards."

Villa has a strong opinion and she states it proudly not letting anyone cut her off or speak over her on the broadcast. At one point in the show, another guest asserts that Villa made his point for him to which she quickly intercedes and says "I made my own point." Villa has shown her unwavering voice both in music, with her single 'Make America Great Again,' and in the political arena.

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