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Unemployed? Lazy? Criminal On-The-Run? Come to New York for Free Rent!

Are you a low-life criminal that's running from the law state to state in an attempt to avoid prosecution? A lazy worthless hippie that lives in tents city to city across America panhandling for money for drugs and booze? Just downright out of a job and don't want to work for “The Man”?

We've got GREAT NEWS for you folks! Come on down to Mayor de Blasio’s Emporium of Cultural Marxism! There's cockroaches the size of small kittens, sewer rats the size of small dogs, and plenty of asbestos and mold ridden buildings owned by slumlords for everyone!

That's right folks, step right on into dirty Bill's city of sleaze today where you, the world's biggest cancer, will get free rent FOR LIFE!

I know, those first few paragraphs were comedic right? Almost sounds like a used car dealership advertisement from the nineties, except it's 2017 and we're not advertising vehicles.

What we're talking about is the new plan (already in effect) in New York to have the taxpayers finance the housing of the homeless.

Sure if that's how you read the sentence and stop at the lines of “taxpayers are going to help pay for the homeless” it sounds like philanthropy. However, there's a lot more to this than meets the eye (although I'm certain Mayor de Blasio will tout it as a “huge victory to help the poor) but it's actually a dangerous precedent.

Let's go into further explanation of what's really happening.

New York City is a place controlled by wealthy investors, where most of the buildings in the housing center are developmental apartments, of old towers filled to the brim with rundown efficiencies and small units.

There's a massive amount of employed workers in New York City, and the taxpayers pay a heavy price in reciprocal fees to the City to keep it running.

However, there's a widespread homeless problem in New York. I wouldn't even call it a problem actually, it's a <i>crisis</i>, where many live in alleys and dumpsters and subways, rooftops and abandoned buildings, or right on street corners.

Dealing with a panhandler begging for change is almost a daily routine if you live or work in the Big Apple. It's common, and you're used to seeing it.

Some of the whopping 70,000 homeless legitimately lost their careers, disabled people, or are war veterans struggling to survive , many others, however, are drug addicts, lazy men, and women capable of working who make more panhandling, or just criminals on the run from prosecution in other states.

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New York City has always been a haven that attracts the parts of society that most people snub their noses at.

In that sense, however, the City spends a massive $2.3 billion a year on shelters. Seriously, the city spends more on its homeless facilities than many cities spend on development and streets in an entire year.

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That's the sort of budget New York has though, and likely ways will since it's a central hub of executive interests for the entire planet.

Along with that expense of homeless services, the city is now paying landlords, often times slumlords, to house the homeless at a rate higher than they would make renting to an employed citizen.

So instead of offering incentives to the developers to remodel and fix their facilities to further benefit the community in having high quality rentals available to attract a higher cost, the owners get to continue to be slumlords, spend zero dollars cleaning up the filth or removing the cockroaches or rats or asbestos, and collect a high guaranteed rental rate straight from the pockets of the taxpayers.

Bronx developer Mark Stagg is one of those investors, who built a brand-new building at 5731 Broadway, in the Kingsbridge neighborhood.

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Stagg says he originally designed it as an ordinary, six-story rental residential building with ground-floor storefronts for commerce. He originally planned to rent out a total of 83 apartments at an average of $641 per room to ordinary, working-class tenants.

Last winter, however, he asked the city for a property-tax break in exchange for keeping 20 percent of units open to the homeless, a not uncommon step.

Mark has political connections though, as most developers do in large cities especially New York. Let's not forget, <i>the mafia once controlled the city</i>, and some would argue it still does.

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Mayor de Blasio’s reputation as corrupt and criminal administration, of course, is rooted in much truth, and his connections to Stagg of my underscore this.

After Stagg’s initial promise when developing the “new building” gained approval with the hope of having modern towers and shops at the location, there was no stopping what Mark could do once they were built.

This is a common practice as well in the Dirty Apple, where one message is repeated before a contract is signed and soon thereafter changed to benefit someone's wallets.

In this case, the ethical questions outweigh the legality of changing the plan, and of course, either Stagg being a close friend (and donating to de Blasio’s campaign) of the Mayor, the city agreed to let Stagg use the whole building as “transitional housing” for homeless families.

The Homeless Services would pay a nonprofit management outfit, Praxis Housing Initiatives, $5.3 million of taxpayer dollars to run the shelter, where Stagg basically has to do nothing in terms of management.

Praxis Housing can use around $2.4 million of that taxpayer funding to cover rent payments to Stagg, at an average $2,409 per unit or $1,028 per room. Which is nearly five times what he would have charged in rent to working class people.

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See how that works for folks? Pay-to-play in the sense that the more Stagg makes the more he can donate to his Democratic buddies.

Not only will Stagg now make more money, but the deal will release him of the painstaking tasks of managing and marketing the building to potential renters. Literally, all he has to do is sit back and collect a monthly paycheck from Praxis as per the taxpayer's wages.

This is effectively Communism, in the sense that it doesn't give the struggling homeless a ladder to climb out of their hole.

You're giving them a blank check from a daily decreasing bank account.

Imagine other legitimate businesses and luxury towers who are neighbors to the new “shelter”? They never signed on to have heroin addicts and junkies and alcoholics and prostitutes next door to their top dollar attractions.

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What could go wrong?

In the eyes of the developer, it's brilliant. To the minds of the City Council, it gives the false appearance that degeneracy and homelessness are under control to those who would walk the streets.

To the taxpayer though, it's one giant “fuck you” and forcing them to not only be able to find apartments to rent (developers would much rather rent to cover the homeless and not have to invest in their properties as well as have a guaranteed payment) but also forcing the working-class to pay for the lazy.

Sounds much like Soviet Russia, before it, of course, collapsed onto itself. Welcome to the USSA, United Soviet States of America. At least in many Democratic strongholds, such as New York City, that's exactly what's happening.

Welfare states simply don't work, for a variety of reasons. For one, the rampant disease of degeneracy only grows. It doesn't reduce itself.

What comes thereafter is fewer Americans paying taxes, and more and more jobs being replaced by offshore workers or immigrants on work-VISA style opportunities to replace the Americans who are unskilled or living in poverty.

It's a brilliant way of implementing Communism I suppose while destroying the Republic.


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