By: James Edward | 08-21-2017 | News
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Voting tomorrow to Censure Trump. Call and tell these folks NO!

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For the first time in over a hundred years,the Senate of Our Great Nation is considering censure of the President of the United States of America.

There is division amongst the Republicans, some of whom may be planning to vote with the Democrats to censure Donald Trump

because the President defended the rights of people (Who we may disagree with personally) to freely assemble.


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These Senators, and others, will vote and determine whether this resolution will pass.

I hope it does not pass, but it is far more likely to than an impeachment, because Censure requires only a simple majority rather than impeachment's requirement for at least a two-thirds majority vote.



The last time a President was censured was when Andrew Jackson tried to save America from the banks.

It was found, then, that the powers of the President (To make America Great) could be limited by simple majority, whilst keeping the President as a figurehead.

<a href="">Historical Reference</a>

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As this article dated March 23, 1834, states…

"After a ten-week debate, the Senate voted 26 to 20 to censure the president for assuming power not conferred by the Constitution. Jackson responded with a lengthy protest denying the validity of the Senate's action. In another unprecedented move, the Senate responded by refusing to print the president's message in its journal."

And with that, Jackson was defeated in his fight to help the common man by keeping a gold standard.



Tomorrow, we will again bear witness to a critical moment in American History.

I urge you, call these Senators and tell them to vote with you and for the Party, to "Make America Great" by voting not to censure our President.


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Christopher Kidwell No. 7071 2017-08-24 : 08:58

I have seen some royally dumb websites but this one takes the cake. It appears to just be a bunch of alt-right talking points that are better called lies.

Anonymous No. 7145 2017-08-26 : 08:56

Stay triggered Christopher Kidwell.

Your tears are delicious.

Anonymous No. 7182 2017-08-27 : 05:33

Ever seen the movie "You're Next" it was dope.

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