By: Kyle James | 08-21-2017 | News
Photo credit: 9 WAFB

Trapped In A Swimming Pool, Woman's Only Hope Was Facebook

Leslie Kahn was enjoying her swimming pool but when she decided to get out, the ladder broke. There was no other way out of the pool and it was the same depth all the way through so she could not just walk out. Kahn was a breast cancer survivor, and she was unable to lift herself out of the pool. She sat in the pool helpless for an hour than an hour became three and she was beginning to wonder if she was in real danger.

There were no neighbors within earshot and she had no phone within reach but she did have her iPad. Using the pool cleaner pole, she pulled the chair her iPad sat on closer to within reach. Her iPad had an internet connection which she used to post on Epping Squawks, a town Facebook page. Kahn said in an interview with local news, "I started with 911 and an exclamation point. I wanted to get people’s attention fast." She said she didn't need to bother the local police or fire department, she only wanted a screwdriver or some help out of the pool so she could fix her ladder. She received dozens of messages offering her help and support very quickly. One woman from the Facebook page who lived nearby responded to her plea and retrieved Kahn's toolbox from in her house.

She let the Facebook community know that help had arrived but someone had sent the police anyway just in case. Kahn said, "And then the police came, and then a neighbor came from up the street because he saw the police.” What could have been a dangerous situation was saved with the help of a WiFi connection and Facebook.

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