By: Kyle James | 08-21-2017 | News
Photo credit: NBC News

"I Look Like A Freaking Horrible Monster" 18-Year-Old Says After Live Streaming Sisters Death

A tragic accident unfolded in California where 18-year-old Obdulia Sanchez crashed her car while drinking and streaming on Instagram with two 14-year-old passengers. The resulting crash led to her 14-year-old sisters death and Sanchez streamed the whole thing live. In an interview with NBC Fresno affiliate KSEE she said, "I didn't even know I looked like a monster — like, I look like a freaking horrible monster. That was not my intention at all." Sanchez is being held on $300,000 bail for drunk driving and vehicular manslaughter.

The California Highway Patrol said Sanchez was under the influence while she was driving and live streaming when her car suddenly began veering left. That is when she tried to correct it but overcompensated causing the car to crash into a barbwire fence and tumble down an embankment. Sanchez checked behind her to check on her sister but both passengers were ejected. That is when she turned off the live stream and exited the vehicle realizing her sister and friend had been thrown from the car. Neither of them were wearing seat belts. She then turned her live stream back on and that is when she and her viewers discovered the dead body of her sister Jacqueline.

14-year-old Jacqueline had been thrown several yards from the crash and lay in a grass field with her forehead split open like a watermelon. Sanchez drunkenly pleads to her sisters corpse that she is sorry and it's the "last thing she wanted to happen." In the video she can be seen moving her sisters body and touching her facial injuries which were very severe. The Sanchez family has received death threats while they wait for her court date. Sanchez also said, "If I would've known that was going to happen that day I would've never left the house — ever."


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