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The conservative movement could not have thrived like it has done if it wasn’t for important figures such as Andrew Breitbart. Andrew’s presence is missed by many because he had the unnerving courage to push truth in journalism in an approach that very few journalists at the time would do, he’s certainly a Media Icon. He was renowned for exposing Anthony Weiner’s sexual exploits which was a very controversial issue. It turns out that Andrew Breitbart was aware of the presence of other skeletons floating around in the Democratic Parties closets.

Breitbart had made a tweet in which he criticized Podesta for his immoral nature and accused him of being involved in underage sex slavery and abuse. His death was associated with a heart failure after having been mysterious.

In a statement made by Douglas Ernst of The Washington Times reports he says that sex trafficking ring speculations has burned up Social Media sites for weeks, he also pointed out on Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta who chose not to comment on WikiLeaks releases. It’s no surprise that Howard Kurtz of Fox News ridiculed the explosive comments from internet detectives that were triggered by WikiLeaks stolen documents that belonged to Mr. Podesta.

It’s no surprise to find out that the Democrats were involved in the death of Breitbart considering the extent to which they went to hide their pasts. It’s obvious that Podesta and Soros are individuals with enough power to make people who threaten them disappear. It’s no coincidence that many political opponents to this Democrats end up disappearing.

At a time when majority of the U.S. citizens barely trust the news outlets, it’s unfortunate to see people like Breitbart being disregarded as conspiracy theorists when all they are doing is trying to report on the truth. However, the legacy that Breitbart started is continuing as the conservative movement to the mainstream is on another level.

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