By: Kyle James | 08-21-2017 | News
Photo credit: ABC 13 News

North Carolina Man Who Raped Nursing Home Patients For Decades Sentenced To 23 Years

Never underestimate what people are capable of, even seemingly ordinary folks are often the perpetrators of heinous crimes. At first no one believed the nursing home patient when she told staff at Brian center nursing home in North Carolina that 58-year-old Luis Gomez raped her. Claims like this are often dismissed as drug-induced hallucinations or consequences of illnesses like dementia so the administrative staff at Brian center did nothing about the rape. The victim describes how she was alone when asked by Gomez if she needed to use the restroom before going to bed.

As said yes and entered the bathroom and that's when she heard the door lock behind her and Gomez proceeded to rape her. After no one did anything about the rape when she told workers at Brian center, she was left to wonder if the rape would happen again. It wasn't until a worker defied her bosses orders and informed police of what had happened. This prompted several other woman from down the hall in the nursing home to come forward with their own stories of being raped by Gomez. This sick and twisted man has now been sentenced to 23 years in prison.

During his sentencing, the prosecutor said "What this man has done for a period of almost a decade is … prey on Alzheimer's patients because they're forgetful and they can't remember and oftentimes they die." Since the police were notified, six others have come forward to accuse him from three different facilities in the area. Most were age 50 to 60 but one victim was nearly 90. Months before Gomez's trail, CNN had discovered many of the same accusations against Gomez at three different facilities and some had even been reported to the state yet he was allowed to continue working with elderly patients.


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Bull. Shit. No. 6966 2017-08-21 : 06:33

This is complete bullshit, 23 years? I'd say put him in jail for more than 30 or 40 years.

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