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Indiana Teen High on Opiates Crashes Car into House at 107 mph, Kills Two Girls in Living Room

8 year old Callie and 17 year old Haleigh Fullerton were two sisters that had been full of energy with their entire lives ahead of them.

However those lives were cut tragically short after 17 year old Alia Sierra, under the influence and speeding at 107mph came crashing into their living room of their house killing them both instantly.

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In something that seemingly only could happen in Hollywood an entire family now mourns the loss of two children due to the reckless nature of a drug addicted degenerate out of control.

Police say that after the crash a urine screen on the 17 year old Sierra showed she was high on multiple opiates, possibly heroin, when she crashed into the victim's house taking innocent lives.

Now the lives of several in the family are forever ruined including her own as she will face charges as an adult for her crimes.

Alia Sierra is facing ten felony charges, including two counts of reckless homicide and will face trial as an adult.

Detectives determined she was driving 107 mph when she went off the road and through a ditch and field before crashing into the Fullerton’s residence.

The two sisters were inside the home and watching television when the crash occurred; both died on impact according to police.

Their mother, who was walking into the room when the car crashed through it, was injured and flown to a hospital for treatment. She is expected to recover but can never regain her now deceased children.

Another passenger who was in the back seat at the time of the crash told detectives that he had asked Sierra to let him out of the car several times because she was speeding far too fast.

He said Sierra called her car “the beast” and talked about how fast it would go before the crash.

Sierra is facing the following felony charges for her crimes:

Two felony counts of reckless homicide, two felony counts of causing death when operating a motor vehicle under the influence of a controlled substance; two felony counts causing death when operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated; one felony count causing serious bodily injury when operating a vehicle while intoxicated; one felony count causing serious bodily injury while under the influence of a controlled substance; and one count criminal recklessness, as well as one count criminal mischief.

Her next court date is scheduled for mid-October of 2017.


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Anonymous No. 6933 2017-08-20 : 15:26

Drugs are involved in many of these terrorist atrocities too. We need real deterrents for users.

Anonymous No. 6935 2017-08-20 : 17:02


We should kill them all tbh

Anonymous No. 6937 2017-08-20 : 18:18

This tbh

Pikey Steve No. 6938 2017-08-20 : 18:25

Because of this persons gender alone, they will receive a light scentence.

But dont worry, you wont see hoards of angry feminists with bowl cuts and dyed hair protesting for equality.

Anonymous No. 6939 2017-08-20 : 18:31

She will be let off, laughing.

This is how your own children will probably die, and you will do nothing?

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