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Photo credit: Warren County Jail

Horror in Bowling Green, Kentucky as Dead Woman’s Corpse found Inside Storage Bin

Bowling Green, Kentucky is typically a quiet place, not one with much attention or noise as far as major crime.

However Bowling Green Police say they found a horrific discovery after an anonymous tip led them to a home on Pleasant Place Way.

The source, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation or harassment, claims to have been inside the home and stumbled upon an old storage tote which gave off a foul scent.

Upon opening the tote the person says they were shocked to see what appeared to be a dead body of a female covered in signs of trauma.

The person later tipped off authorities to the atrocity they witness who then came to the home with a search warrant.

Upon entering the house police say they could smell “the scent of death” and saw flies around the tote.

Inside the storage bin they found a woman, who they say lived in the home and was stuffed into the bin.

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Her corpse was already in the stages of rigor mortis but oddly they saw her body covered in tape and severe bruising.

Authorities say they questioned 23 year old Justin Denihan who lived inside the house who then later admitted to the killing.

Denihan was transported to the Warren County Jail where he is being held on a murder charge.

Police say they're unaware how long the body was inside the home deceased or how the murder occurred but an autopsy is scheduled for this week.


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