By: Savannah Smith | 12-07-2016 | News
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For McCain, " Trump Reality" Would Only Start Existing On New Year

It's a blessing to be old, healthy and still working. At 80 years old, Senator John McCain, ( R-Ariz.) should be thankful and focus on such graces. He really does not have to fall-or subscribe-to stereotypes, that of being old and grumpy. Unfortunately, that's exactly how he's acting lately when journalists bring up " he-who-should-not-be-named", and ask questions about that person that should not be asked. Even if that person happens to be Donald Trump, who happens to be the President-elect. And even if that person also happens to be a fellow Republican, and not just any Republican, but the de facto party leader as well.

McCain has consistently refused to talk about Trump since the leaking of the controversial audio recording of Trump during the presidential campaign in October. The said controversy proved to be the most trying part of Trump's presidential run, when even close allies deserted Trump for unfavorable comments he made a decade ago. McCain was one of the first to jump from what they thought was a sinking Trump ship. The senator said then that he would not be voting for either Trump or Hillary Clinton.

But it's a different ballgame now. Trump has won and even before being inaugurated is already busy practically running the country from New York, keeping and bringing jobs for Americans, working on foreign relations, reaching back again to the people and putting together a strong cabinet. Naturally, Trump's activities now and his pronouncements are closely being followed and asked about a lot by journalists. But McCain is not having any of that.

Asked by a Bloomberg reporter on Trump's tax plan-a perfectly legitimate and important question-McCain snapped and behaved much like a kiddie brat. The 2008 Republican presidential nominee answered: " I'm not talking about Trump. I'm not talking about Trump. I'm not talking about Trump. I'm not talking about Trump."

When another reporter asked him directly why he does not want to talk about Trump, he lost his temper anew and replied: " Outrageous and ridiculous that people like you keep asking about him." Now, even a fifth grader is smart enough to know which is more outrageous and ridiculous, the reporter's question or the senator's answer.

McCain regained some of his composure, along with a bit of sense of humor, and shared that he would start answering questions related to Trump on January 1 next year, as his way of a "political New Year's Resolution".

Is it any consolation to know that even if it is merely a joke, McCain feels that at whatever age, anyone can still believe in and practice New Year's resolution?

Some reactions on Twitter were not as funny or forgiving to McCain, however, with one saying the elderly senator is "increasingly ( becoming) pathetic and that he lost respect for him, war hero or not". Another says McCain is a " cranky old fart". While another mockingly requests journalists to never stop asking McCain and that he should " answer to everything Trump says or does".

Perhaps McCain is just embarrassed or guilty for betraying Trump during the campaign, for losing faith so easily. Or perhaps the truth of Trump's amazing upset victory has not fully registered in the senator's consciousness yet. Or maybe McCain has the ' ridiculous' fantasy that by ignoring Trump, the President-elect would simply go away.

Or maybe everyone should opt to be kinder and remember the past good services and deeds Senator McCain once offered to the country-some of them very noteworthy. And simply wish that he would enjoy the holidays, and would regain his good senses when the new year starts and he makes good on his resolution.

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