By: Kyle James | 08-20-2017 | News
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Woman Confronts Man Flying Nazi Flag Over His Home

Imagine you are an aging survivor of one of the histories most recent atrocities, the holocaust. In your late 90's now, you are driving home when you see a terrifying image that you haven't seen since you were a prisoner of war in World War II, a Nazi flag. You are suddenly struck with flashbacks, the last time you saw that flag flying over your head was 70 years ago. But how can this be? You are in America.

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Page Braswell may not be an elderly survivor of World War II, but she did see a Nazi flag flying over an American home in South Carolina. Shocked by what she saw, just days after the Charlottesville attack, Braswell decided to confront the home owner flying the Nazi Germany colors. Braswell pulls into the driveway of the home and gets out of her car while filming with her cell phone. A middle aged man named Joe Love walks to meet her as she asks, "Hey, what's up with the, uh, Nazi flag?" The man responds, "Who are you?" in a thick southern accent. Braswell repeats her question and the man responds in a defensive manner while avoiding an answer to her question.

Eventually, the man acknowledges the flag, "I'm not a Nazi," he says "This is Nazi f** America!" Love finally tells Braswell, "If you don't get the hell out of here, me and you's going to have trouble, I promise you that." Taking the hit, Braswell heads back to her car and the video ends. There aren't too many reasons for flying a flag unless you support what that flag represents. Seeing the Nazi flag flying in America is a troubling image, to say the least.


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Tantosaram Baghdavilla No. 6919 2017-08-20 : 03:03

She's essentially trespassing into that guy's property, in order, no less, to dictate what he can or can't do on his own property.

Anonymous No. 6922 2017-08-20 : 03:23

And he's essentially publically displaying a known symbol of hatred, intolerance, etc to the public who either have no choice living near or passing it, also subjecting unknowing innocents to that rag because they were not aware of an animal in the area. Imagine, if you care, some old soldier passing through and seing that shit rag hanging there. To put it in ax way you might understand, if a colored guy lived on your route to your kids school hung up a sign on his house saying rape all white whores, shoot the men and drown their kids, you wouldn't just let it slide, and you know it. You can't have it both ways, unless you're a hypocrite.

Anonymous No. 6923 2017-08-20 : 03:41

Oh no, the mean flag personally gassed me when I was 6, TWELVE FUCKING TIMES! We should ban all flags that I hate because of that. Especially as I hate flags of things I disagree with, though the flag itself offers no atrocities unless you already know of the PEOPLE, not the flag. Besides, the holohoax never happened.

Ben Hollingsworth No. 6926 2017-08-20 : 07:59

You ask what I think? It was staged, story made up.

Anonymous No. 6949 2017-08-21 : 00:45

6923, Your mom said get off the computer, oh, and to open the window when you're glueing your models. She said she's warned you if you don't stop sniffing she'll send you back to rehab.

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