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US Is Not Delaying Syria Talks With Russia On Aleppo: John Kerry

Moscow has charged Washington for delaying planned talks that are aimed at withdrawing terrorists from the Syrian city of Aleppo claiming that Washington wants to get more time. However, US Secretary of State John Kerry has refuted those claims as he responded by saying that he is not aware of any specific refusal. John Kerry made a statement on Tuesday when he was asked about a statement that he made during the NATO foreign ministers meeting in Brussels concerning Russia.

On the other hand, Sergei Lavrov who is the Russian Foreign Minister said earlier on Tuesday that Washington had cancelled the meeting to get more time for the militants to refill their assets. Lavrov accused Washington of bad faith in conducting negotiations on the crucial matter. Lavrov said that United States seemed to delay the process so that the rebels could have a breather, replenish their resources, and pause.

The whole of western Aleppo has been under the full control of Syrian government forces who are conducting intense operations to root out the militants from the city’s east area.

The militants who are believed to be foreign-sponsored have been dealt a heavy blow by the Syrian army forces backed by Russia’s air power, and their allies over the past few weeks. There has been several attempts by the Syrian army urging the militants to surrender while they still can, this was done by Syrian army helicopters that dropped leaflets on Sunday.

The leaflets urged the militants that were remaining in eastern Aleppo to surrender their weapons and allow the civilians who are wounded to find their out of the city. In a statement made by a military source to a reporter, the militants will be fully eliminated out of the city in weeks.

Reports from the Syrian military claim that huge numbers of terrorists have been eliminated during operation which secured several neighborhoods in the city. The ongoing conflicts in Syria expanded back in March 2011 and as a result, more than 400,000 people have been killed. This is based on figures provided by the UN Special Envoy for Syria.

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