By: Jim Cherney | 08-18-2017 | News
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Say Sayanara to the Bill of Rights

It is upsetting for journalists to write about topics that might upset, hurt or make a minority feel less than equal.

It is not nice for people to hurt other people's feelings. When we should "do unto others as others do unto us." This is known

as the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule is from the Anglican church. It has been used through time though by just about every

civilization and religion since the dawn of recorded history. So it must be wrong to make others upset, and that should apply to journalism.

We would not want to make our readers upset. So in order to avoid legal trouble, and upsetting our readers we are going to control what we write about.

If it may be offensive, please get the editors permission first. This will help avoid retractions and edits. It will also help minimize the constant lawsuits,

and harassment that we receive from the marginalized ethnic groups around the country. <a href="">Americans</a> will learn that it is better to follow, and accept the news.

We need to stop discussing and naming some of these groups. It is always troublesome when we mention Nazis, Jews, Muslims, People of Color, especially when some violent event has happened.

Let's work on finding some other way to bring these stories to light, without focusing on the color, or religion of the perpetrators of the news.

It is much better if we can even find another story, a different story some other news to write about. Then we don't need to worry about what the public will think. It will solve many problems.

As far as the recent <a href=""> Mount Rushmore news</a>, it went to far.

We won't be publishing anything so strange or utterly objectionable to the public morals. So don't even consider submitting such a wacko story, as <a href=""></a> recently published.


<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Let&#39;s Blow Up Mount Rushmore <a href=""></a> <a href="">@wilbertlcooper</a> makes a strong case against all national monuments</p>&mdash; Matt Taylor (@matthewt_ny) <a href="">August 17, 2017</a></blockquote>

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It is terrifying to me, that the history of the United States is being erased by thugs, and it is being supported by many people in local and state government positions.

We will need to avoid this news as much as possible. Or just try to post the trendy news that social media seems to be approving of. It will avoid confrontations with the government,

and keep our doors open. Even if we are not guilty and protected by the 1st amendment of the Bill of Rights. We can not afford to defend ourselves, and the we will be put out of business long before we are ever

found not guilty in a court of law. So let's play it safe and stay in business.

We can call it self control. Let's practice self control when we consider and write stories for the news. This works effectively in Japan. The Japanese media avoids confrontation with the government,

and they do this by not publishing the articles that are pushing the limit of what might be considered the law. This makes everyone feel safe and secure, and they have the knowledge that they don't need

to worry about the government taking them to court for something they have published. It avoids civil lawsuits as well. We can see and follow their news agencies and stay out of trouble as well.

Let's keep a closer watch on social media and follow the path that the majority of users are taking. This will keep our fingers on the pulse of the country. It will help us find the trendy topics of interest, and help us increase our market share with the majority of people. Make sure to stay clear of those edgy topics.

If you have a hard time finding a news topic. Please write about North Korea. We can't go wrong with that. They are always doing something that the rest of the world finds objectionable. So feel free to submit stories about North Korea, when there is no other news you can write.

I know these new stronger editorial guidelines might seem oppressive to you as writers, but you will get used to them, and the rest of the world is already embracing them. Americans will grow accustomed as well to having news that does not upset or cause public disorder. So please do your best. Get out there and bring us the news.

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Anonymous No. 6843 2017-08-18 : 12:38

How is this news?

Sage No. 6844 2017-08-18 : 13:00

>reddit spacing


nigger No. 6854 2017-08-18 : 22:32

it's sayonara

Anonymous No. 6858 2017-08-18 : 23:21


Fucking kill yourself, author.

Anonymous No. 6870 2017-08-19 : 04:56

Oh look ladies and gentlemen, etc, the coward himself Yogapig(Jim Cherney/Watkins)writes, but wait, he bleats about the bill of rights. You know, the one that has absolutely nothing to do with him anymore, he uses it and other things to push his agenda/s, but wait he claims to be non-involved, he claims to be neutral, mmm. Tell us Jim boy, if that is true why are your reports cherry picked to show 'only' one viewpoint, if you were impartial, as you 'claim', you'd show 'both' sides, but considering your former ownerships along with your current ones, I guess that would be kind of hard to prove, especially considering what some of your sites avail themselves of. By the way, although I've dropped comments re you and Trump's lawyers meeting in Philippines shortly before this site started, you've yet to 'comment' upon it, perhaps shilldom weighs heavy upon your brow. If you want too look like less of an internet matrix diddler, maybe you should return to the U.S, you could maybe take some responsibility and even pay some debts, hmm. Then again, I wont hold my breath, but maybe you can get Yellow Shill to hold your balls…. if you can find them, later, porky :)

P.S; Love the vid :) I keep imagine Homer Simpson singing Yogapig to it.

Scott Ogle No. 6897 2017-08-19 : 20:55

Why do law enforcement pose as advocate critics when a mutual target is involved?

The most disgusting truth in exposing institutional crimes is that the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation's #3 target is human rights advocates.

Anonymous No. 6911 2017-08-20 : 01:30

Scott, trust me on this. In no way, shape or form can you consider a Nazi, a human rights advocate. I suggest you look up the words in a 'real' dictionary.

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