By: Savannah Smith | 12-06-2016 | News
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Carrier Tells Trump 10,000 More Jobs For American Workers

American workers are still celebrating and feeling grateful that their jobs totaling more than 1,000 were saved as opposed to earlier plans to ship said jobs to Mexico. Such is, of course, the positive result of President-elect Donald Trump's successful negotiations with Carrier.

While on the other hand the White House and the petty Democrats are still busy undermining the significance of such victory for American workers, well get this- there's more great news ahead! Carrier's CEO has informed incoming President Donald Trump that they have plans to add additional 10,000 American jobs- in the U.S. of course!

The piece of fantastic news was delivered via a tweet message from one of Trump's top aides- AJ Delgado.

"Carrier CEO told Trump of the 10K upcoming jobs they're now envisioning keeping those HERE whereas, previously, they'd have gone to MX", the tweet read.

It has been the trend for several decades running that manufacturing jobs are being shipped to foreign countries like Mexico and China. Such has resulted to hundreds of thousands of blue-collar workers losing their jobs. American companies are hard pressed to remain globally competitive, and to achieve this, they need to keep costs down. And cheap foreign labor has been the answer for many manufacturing companies to keeping costs low. It is the same formula Carrier was looking to follow to remain profitable.

Trump's campaign messages resonated with Americans because he has the instinct and appreciation for the issues that directly affect the citizens. His campaign promise to keep jobs in the U.S. was one of the most applauded and well-received of his vows.

In contrast, during a PBS-hosted Town Hall in June this year, Obama told a Carrier employee that it would require a magic wand to save jobs at Carrier for American workers.

Well, turns out, Donald Trump is the magic wand- and that magic works when a President-elect works hard even before he is inaugurated and sincerely cares for the plight of American workers.

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