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Pardon Deal for Assange

Julian Assange and Wikileaks have become iconic global heroes. They often anger all sides of the political spectrum when they publish truth, <i>because truth shows no favoritism</i>, and that creates anguish amongst those who assume the information they publish will be one sided.

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That's not the case however, if someone commits a dastardly deed and Wikileaks obtains information supporting it, they're going to publish it.

It's quite simple really, although more often than not as we all know the treasonous actions are committed by the left wing and Democratic Party in America.

Wikileaks played a major role in the 2016 elections, in assisting break open the truth about Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

Now before someone says they're politically motivated… Go ahead and stop yourself. Hillary Clinton and the DNC are to blame for their actions. Not anyone else.

“The truth shall set you free” should be words to live by for every freedom loving American. If the truth convicts you in the eyes of the public, then you're the one who's done something wrong. It's quite simple.

On Wednesday, California Representative Dana Rohrabacher met with Julian Assange personally, to in an effort to obtain any potential information about the source of a leak of Democratic officials’ emails.

The case has long been embroiled in controversy, with millions of Americans believing that Seth Rich, infamous Bernie Campaign insider and DNC employee, was murdered for passing the truth to Wikileaks.

Rohrabacher recently spoke in an <a href="">exclusive interview on Thursday</a> that after his meeting with Assange, the Wikileaks founder is hoping to leave the Ecuadorian embassy in London where he has spent many years in asylum, and that during their meeting they both explored “what might be necessary to get him out.”

During the interview the Congressman also stated that “if Assange is going to give us a big favor, he would obviously have to be pardoned to leave the Ecuadorian embassy.”

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Julian Assange has been in asylum in the embassy since August of 2012 after facing sexual assault charges in Sweden. The Justice Department also reportedly wants to charge Assange for helping Edward Snowden, a former NSA analyst, who it claims leaked thousands of classified documents.

Instead of treating these whistle-blowers like heroes, which they are essentially, the intelligence agencies of the world want to make examples out of them.

“He has information that will be of dramatic importance to the United States and the people of our country as well as to our government,” Rohrabacher said. “Thus if he comes up with that, you know he’s going to expect something in return. He can’t even leave the embassy to get out to Washington to talk to anybody if he doesn’t have a pardon. Obviously there is an issue there that needs to be dealt with, but we haven’t come to any conclusion yet.”

The United States intelligence community and their Mossad counterparts continue to push lies onto Congress that Russia was somehow involved in the hacking and leaking of emails from the Democratic National Committee during the Presidential Election.

For those whom aren't redpilled, the reason behind these lies is partially that the Zionist government of Israel views Iran as a threat to their greater Israel plan to conquer territory in the Middle East that they believe is biblically prophetic in belonging to them.

In that sense Israel has pushed the United States repeatedly to support ousting both Assad in Syria, who is the only thing standing in the way if protecting millions of Christians from radical Islam, and also pushed for the US to view Iran as an enemy, when the Iranian regime gets assistance from their economic partners in Russia.

Most Americans have no idea about Greater Israel or the propaganda the media spews about it's enemies, but I implore anyone reading this to do your own research.

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Julian Assange has continued to maintain the suggestion that Russia was in no way involved with the DNC hacks and/or leaks and it was not WikiLeaks’ source, and has long maintained that he would never reveal his source; albeit many are pleading with Assange that for his own sake and for America to come clean.

Rohrabacher has repeatedly sought the truth which has led to his political opponents assaulting him for being too favorable to the Russian government, and was called “Putin’s favorite Congressman” by Politico.

What the media doesn't tell you is those opponents are of course financed by the Israeli lobby, which seeks to destroy and efforts of exposing the truth to Americans.

Rohrabacher says that these attacks are due to people’s efforts to “obscure information that would be damaging to their political positions.”

“They can’t fool the American people all the time, especially if there’s some dramatic information that would expose this monstrous fraud that has been perpetrated on the American people and thus undermining an elected president and his ability to take the responsibility given to him by the voters,” Rohrabacher stated.

The California Congressman took the trip to meet with Julian Assange alongside conservative journalist Charles C. Johnson.

Charles Johnson is also facing brutal media smear campaigns for the same reasons, being labeled as just an internet troll, but he is well-connected to several key political figures, and is well aware of the Zionist influence which seeks to ruin his credibility.

Johnson says that he personally arranged the meeting between Rohrabacher and Assange, and that the truth is more important than anything else. He's a hero for his stances.

Rohrabacher also said that Johnson “stepped in as a friend” to help him on his overseas trip to seek the truth.

The Congressman went to London and paid for the trip out of pocket and Rohrabacher is the first United States representative to visit Julian Assange.

A pardon of Assange would have to come from the highest levels, directly from President Donald Trump, and Rohrabacher said in his interview, “I can’t remember if I have spoken to anybody in the White House about this.”

The Congressman has yet to informally receive any information that has been promised to him by Julian Assange in exchange for the potential pardon, but he said he is confident he will receive it, that Julian Assange is an honest and decent man.

“If I had to bet on it, I would bet that we are going to get the information that will be mind-boggling and of major historical significance,” Rohrabacher said. He said if it is significant enough, he will bring it directly to Trump.

“And there has already been some indication that the president will be very anxious to hear what I have to say if that is the determination that I make,” Rohrabacher added.

President Trump has continued to insist that other partitions and influences besides Russia could have been the source of the leaked Emails, an assertion that Americans agree with wholeheartedly.

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Anonymous No. 6805 2017-08-17 : 23:53

Wow, what a shock, Assange sucks major cock about Russia and Trump considers pardon, Surprise.

The only thing regarding pardons I'm curious about, is besides Trump and family, is whether it's still only hundreds or now over the thousand mark, that's on the list… well that and how many are already preprepared.

Anonymous No. 6813 2017-08-18 : 01:54

Big if true™

N2N No. 6842 2017-08-18 : 11:30

Wikileaks is a double edge sword. Great harm to national security can and has been done by some of the leaks. But ! IF the Senate and/or House INTEL Committees had been doing their jobs as unbiased non-political Oversight / Watch dogs the need for the leaks would not have happened.

I question I would hope someone would have asked him by now…. .

"Have your held back releasing certain National Security or other Data, and for what reasons?"

Clive Ettia No. 6848 2017-08-18 : 16:17

Julian is a Legend of a Journalist, pretty much the BEST, the TOP.

He has been treated like a P.O.W because he is one. The TYPICAL sexual assertion SLANDER to destroy his reputation.

As a fellow Australian I would comment specifically on what I think is relevant of his professional career.

Treating anyone in the manner he has been treated, within his field is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE and in itself exposes the BLIMPS.

It completely destroys work ethic and any impulse for a career aspiration. It reflects on EVERY field of work and endeavour.

It shows VERY CLEARLY how they treat children.

Anonymous No. 6860 2017-08-18 : 23:32

Gas The Globalists

Anonymous No. 6873 2017-08-19 : 05:05

So Dive Analtear, what you are saying is that reporters 'never' commit crimes, so it 'must' be a lie, GROW UP you arrogant cunt, if innocent go to court and PROVE it, otherwise fuck off and die. You don't KNOW anything, you merely assume because it hurts your little feelings, only two people KNOW for definate, and you are not one of them, go and learn how to actually gather 'facts' to report, not guesswork and supposition, goodbye, Fake News man.

Password No. 6875 2017-08-19 : 05:12


Heather Arthur No. 6877 2017-08-19 : 05:31

I pray the President will pardon JA. He has handled the information given him with extreme care and honesty and has paid a huge price for doing so.

Anonymous No. 6934 2017-08-20 : 15:57

Israel is the greatest threat to the entire planet and boomers are too stupid to see it

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