By: Kyle James | 08-17-2017 | News
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CNN's Wolf Blitzer: Barcelona was a 'Copycat' of Charlottesville

In a speculative remark, Wolf Blitzer of CNN, stated Thursday that there will likely be questions about whether the terror attack in Barcelona, Spain this morning is a "copycat" of the terror attack in Charlottesville, Virgina. The attack in Charlottesville, Virginia was perpetrated by a white supremacist and involved the man driving his vehicle into a crowd of protesters. Early Thursday morning, a similar attack occurred in Barcelona, Spain where a terrorist drove his van into dozens of people on a crowded public roadway that is considered a tourist hot spot.

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Now, Wolf Blitzer is speculating whether the attack in Spain could be considered inspired by the Charlottesville attack in a "copycat" manner. At least 13 people have been confirmed dead after the attack in Spain and 50 more have been injured. The attack took place in Los Ramblas which is a popular tourism location inside of the city of Barcelona, Spain. Jim Sciutto, a CNN national security correspondent said the "shared tactics" used by the terrorists in both attacks was "alarming."

Sciutto went on to further say, "There will be questions if what happened in Barcelona was at all a copycat version of what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia. Even though there may be different characters, different political ambitions, they used the same killing device: a vehicle going at high speed into a group, a large group of pedestrians." The attack early Thursday morning in Spain is just one in a series of vehicular assaults in both Europe and America where vehicles were used as weapons of mass murder.


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Sergio Zavala No. 6812 2017-08-18 : 01:06

Well after more than 20years of being a loyal CNN viewer , I , along with 12 of my trading colleagues , have decided that we can no longer watch CNN. Is Wolf Blitzer (along with a long list of other CNN "anchors") so blinded by political bias that he called the tragic terrorist attack in Barcelona with a vehicle a copy cat of Charlottesville. Maybe he has forgotten that 6 of the last 9 multi-victim attacks in western Europe have used trucks, vans or suv's . Nice, Berlin, London , Stockholm , London and now Barcelona. Copycat of Charlottesville ??? Please don't insult our intelligence. I'm a life long democrat but your biased reporting is only making Trump stronger. Wake up and smell the roses!!

DCII No. 6889 2017-08-19 : 15:02

This is the straw that broke the camels back, the last foolishness I can stomach from CNN. Wont be tuning in ever again.

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