By: Savannah Smith | 08-17-2017 | News
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Antifa Desecrate Atlanta Peace Monument Meant to Champion Unity

The liberals, Democrats and antifas were quick to condemn the chaos and violence that marred the white supremacists’ rally in Charlottesville, Va. last weekend and put all the blame on the racism and hatred of all those lumped together for being on the “opposite” side of their beliefs. Odd, if not ironic, then that their succeeding declarations and actions still in reaction to the Charlottesville incident are centered on, and full of, well, hatred. And with hatred comes blunders, ignorance and their own humiliation.

Take what they did with the Atlanta Peace Monument. Protesters damaged it Sunday night. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, protesters traveled in Atlanta from Woodruff Park to Piedmont Park where the monument is erected, and some of the angry mob desecrated it. Black-clad anti protesters surrounded the monument which had only a lone police officer guarding it, and shouted fervently with all the hatred in their hearts “pig.”

What they don’t know is they could be barking -and destroying- at the wrong monument. The Atlanta Peace Monument was built in 1911 to urge reconciliation after the Civil War, not to celebrate Confederacy. It is in all purposes a Peace Monument. The sculpture even features an angel standing above a Confederate soldier, symbolically guiding him to lay down his weapon.

A sixth generation Atlanta resident, Thomton Kennedy, who has brought his children to visit the monument many times to explain to them Atlanta’s history, tried to make sense of what anitfas did to the Peace Monument. He said: “I completely understand what happened. It’s a statue that, to the observer, looks like a Confederate memorial.”

Atlanta author Goldie Taylor is not as “polite” but straightforward when she tweeted:”The Peace Monument is NOT a Confederate memorial. It was erected to honor those who worked to reunify the country after Reconstruction.”

Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields said she regrets the way her officers dealt with protesters Sunday who defaced the statue, a symbol of peace. She said: “I felt like we should have identified, removed and arrested a couple of people earlier in the march, absolutely.” She added that by the time it became apparent to them that arrests were necessary,”We couldn’t identify them. And that’s not acceptable. We have the intelligence, we have the problem cause, we need to take action.”

The desecration of the Peace Monument by antifas has exposed anew the arrogance but also ignorance and double-standards of antifas, the left and liberals. If the trouble is coming from the other side opposed to them, it is violence, racism and hatred; if it is from them it’s only because of “principle resistance.” They could do no wrong and will always harbor zero malice and ill-intent; but their hearts are truly full of hatred and fury. They who are supposedly the epitome of political correctness and tolerance has no tolerance for opposing views because in their ignorance, they think that only them could ever be right. And the mainstream media would only be too happy to present and perpetuate their preferred, imposed narrative.


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