By: Savannah Smith | 12-06-2016 | News
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Trump's Supporters Deliver Poetic Justice Against Stein

It's becoming increasingly clearer that losing presidential candidate Green Party's Jill Stein is Hillary's attack dog and her recount campaign with the supposed lofty ideal of upholding electoral integrity is nothing more than a scam to raise money.

Stein can not even clarify how mounting a protest rally at the Trump Tower can help her in " upholding electoral integrity". On the other hand, by pulling off such a cheap stunt, her agenda just became more exposed: gain whatever media attention she can still squeeze from her failed campaign and hope that people would donate more money to their party's coffers. She has echoed but could not substantiate Hillary camp's imaginative but empty claims of Russian election hacking.

Stein, however, was not prepared for something: that her orchestrated protest at the Trump Tower earlier while drawing the media attention and coverage she wanted would be eclipsed by voices stronger than hers- that of Trump's loyal supporters.

Stein was busy responding to reporters' questions and blabbering about her supposed pure intentions but the journalists' attention was diverted to the chanting of Trump's supporters. The faithful supporters also came bearing placards that slammed Stein and Hillary apologists and the Far Left as " crybabies" who could not accept the election result. Some held banners asking Stein to " just go away".

The reporters kept turning their backs on Stein to look at the scene-stealing Trump supporters, and there and then Stein just lost her composure as she knew that just as Hillary lost, and just as she would lose her recount efforts that have no chance of changing the election outcome, she has also effectively lost the media's attention to Trump supporters.

And just what were Trump's passionate supporters chanting? Turned out, it was also the perfect and poetic comeback against Stein- a slap for her previous insult to Trump and his wife Melania. Trump supporters chanted " We Are The Champions" from the hit Queen song. The song choice has a deeper story to it and not just because Trump and his supporters are literally " champions" with the election victory, while Stein and her BFF Hillary are the sore losers.

Trump's supporters were just giving the poetic justice due Stein. During the Republican National Convention this summer, the song " We Are the Champions" played for Trump and wife Melania. Stein mocked Trump for that particular song selection at the RNC when she disparagingly tweeted " champion of what? Number of failed business ventures?".

Well, the answer to that summer tweet insult of Stein came on the night of November 8. Donald Trump emerged the champion of the election, and his prize is the opportunity and privilege to serve the Americans as their 45th President. No worries for Stein, though, as she is also emerging a champion of sort- " scam champion".

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