By: Earnest Jones | 08-17-2017 | News
Photo credit: abc7news

Suspected California Car Thief Climbed a Crane and Falls 160 Feet to His Death

A suspected car thief from California appears to have watched too much action movies. The thief climbed up a 17-story loading crane in an effort to evade police authorities. Unfortunately, the daring suspect plunged 160 feet to his death after the incident which took place on Wednesday.

The suspect, who engaged the police in an hours standoff, is yet to be identified, he spent hours perched on the ledge of a loading crane over the Port of Los Angeles in California on Wednesday while crisis negotiators and a SWAT team tried to approach him.

The man decided to strip off his clothes and he could be seen stretching, doing handstands, and dancing on the crane before he plunged to his death and plunged on a ship at 9:20 pm.

It remains unknown as to whether the man fell or he jumped, he was however pronounced dead at the scene. The suspect led police on a chase at 3:10 p.m. in an SUV that was stolen from a San Bernardino car dealership. The car was taken without force and still had the tracking device in it.

Officers from three different departments were unable to keep sight of the white SUV as the man swerved through the freeway at speeds of 90 miles per hour.

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Upon arrival at the West Basin Container Terminal about 60 miles away, he got out of the car wearing a Lakers jersey with Kobe Bryant’s name on it and started scaling the tallest crane in the port.


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