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Photo credit: Boynton Beach Police

Florida Woman Arrested for DUI with Unbuckled 3-Year-Old Child in Back Seat

The mugshot says it all sometimes, but this is one of those occasions where may say too much.

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31-year-old Brandy Lerma of Boynton Beach, Florida was stopped by Boynton Beach Police after a tow truck driver witnessed her swerving all across the road and into the median.

The driver reportedly told police “this car is gonna kill someone” at which time they immediately dispatched the closest patrol to the location.

Officers said when they arrived she was still swerving bobbing in and out of traffic nearly missing several cars before she finally pulled over.

Once police approached the driver's window they said the odor of alcohol was overpowering and that they saw an unrestrained child standing in the back seat, that turned out to be only three years old.

Police could immediately tell Lerma was highly intoxicated, and she took two breathalyzer tests and registered a blood alcohol content of .200 and .187, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

The legal limit in Florida is .08 and she was over double that amount.

Deputies said that she admitted to drinking and taking Percocet and Xanax, and they took her under arrest and transported the child to be with family.

According to jail records, Lerma has been released on $3,000 bonds. Her next court date is in mid-September.


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Anonymous No. 6803 2017-08-17 : 23:48

She looks like she's mainlining pure caffeine

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