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Attorney General of Alabama Sues Birmingham for Attempts to Assault Historic Confederate Statue

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Deep in the south, we have a tradition of love, kindness, and good old fashioned Southern Hospitality.

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It doesn't matter your skin color, we all love our southern heritage and we all love our culture. Whether it's crawfish boils, the Confederate flag, or our monuments, white and black agree that it's something that must be protected (especially the crawfish because it's delicious).

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However nationwide is an ongoing battle for supremacy which is funneling outside millions into the state of Alabama to incite the hateful rhetoric of cultural marxism which wants to desecrate our history.

We cannot allow this, and we won't. The controversy around Civil War Memorials and Monuments and even now the existence of Monuments which are dedicated to past <a href="">American Presidents such as George Washington or Andrew Jackson</a> are under assault.

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There is an entity, of Communist powers which is financing these attacks against our existence and our history in a brutal attempt to rewrite it.

However those attacks haven't reached Alabama, until just recently. The controversy occurred in neighboring states including Louisiana but they're now finally hitting our borders.

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The Alabama Attorney General's Office is fighting back though, and it has filed a lawsuit against the city of Birmingham and Mayor William Bell for violating state law and covering a Confederate monument in Linn Park.

"In accordance with the law, my office has determined that by affixing tarps and placing plywood around the Linn Park memorial such that it is hidden from view, the defendants have 'altered' or 'otherwise disturbed' the memorial in violation of the letter and spirit of the Alabama Memorial Preservation Act," Attorney General Steve Marshall said in a Wednesday afternoon statement. "The city of Birmingham does not have the right to violate the law and leaves my office with no choice but to file suit."

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In the groundbreaking lawsuit which was filed Wednesday afternoon in Jefferson County Circuit Court, the Attorney General asks a judge to declare that the city has violated state law and impose a $25,000 fine for each day the monument is covered.

The case was assigned to Judge Michael Graffeo, who is currently reviewing the documents sent by the State of Alabama.

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Marxist mayor and Anti-White bigot William Bell told multiple reporters on Wednesday afternoon that the city's legal department reviewed the law, and that the plywood barrier he ordered put in place doesn't break the Alabama Memorial Preservation Act.

“We have not altered the monument in any way," he said. "The structure that we put around it is a protective barrier as well as a structure that doesn't touch the monument in any way…."

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After the vicious domestic terrorism from Antifa (Antifaschistische Aktion) in Charlottesville, Virginia against lawfully assembling AltRight marchers at the Unite The Right event, Bell jumped on the opportunity to push the agenda from the fake news mainstream media which tried to blame a thousand people who had followed the law for the actions of one vile individual.

Bell claims the plywood barrier was installed to protect the monument from possible vandalism from either side suggesting that he looks forward to the court system clarifying the new law.

"We look forward to having some clarification as to what the municipal authority is over parks of the city of Birmingham and what we can and cannot do with any item that might sit on the park," he said.

The Alabama Memorial Preservation Act which was passed by the Alabama Legislature and signed into law in 2017, prohibits the relocation, removal, alteration, renaming, or other disturbance of any architecturally significant building, memorial building, memorial street, or monument located on public property which has been in place for 40 or more years, the AG's office stated.

Bell clearly disturbed the monument with his actions and he's trying to hide behind a cloak of protection in order to continue his hateful rhetoric against history. There is no doubt in my mind Bell is being financed and pressured by billionaire communists to continue this assault.

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It's happening nationwide, and under almost every veil you can find the same <a href="">Globalist puppetmasters</a> pulling the strings to incite hatred and a potential race war.

The Confederate Soldiers & Sailors Monument has existed in Linn Park for over a century, which was dedicated in 1905. It's both older than the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. and many other important symbolic structures in this great nation's history.

When asked about the Birmingham controversy while visiting Huntsville on Wednesday morning, Governor Kay Ivey said to the media that, "The attorney general will be involved in determining if that particular structure falls under the legislation that was passed about the monuments. And if it is, he will follow the law and apply the law."

State Senator Gerald Allen, who is a Republican from Tuscaloosa, is the leading sponsor of the Alabama Memorial Preservation Act, and praised Marshall for "standing up for the rule of law.

"It is unfortunate that Mayor William Bell has decided to elevate his own personal preferences above the law in covering the monument at Linn Park," he said in a Wednesday afternoon statement.

"If Mayor Bell believes his city is best served by the monument's alteration or removal, he should follow the law and apply for a waiver as outlined in the Memorial Preservation Act.

"Nationally, there has been much controversy recently around Civil War monuments," Allen continued. "Here in Alabama, I am optimistic we can continue to have a thoughtful dialogue over the appropriate place for monuments to the Alabamians who died during the Civil War. Mayor Bell's action violates the law, but it also harms efforts to responsibly consider how we should best remember the past."

The marxist Mayor Of Birmingham first ordered the covering of the Confederate monument on Tuesday afternoon. It was shrouded in plywood later that night, in an attempt to hide American history.

The mayor's move came hours after Birmingham City Council President Johnathan Austin publicly asked Bell to defy the State Law and remove the monument.

There were a time in America, that when an elected official or his representatives committed treason they would be tried for such and publicly executed if convicted.

The problem in 2017 is we've cowered into an acceptance formation that when you give a man an inch he will take a mile and it has to end. It has to end now.

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The racist hate group hiding under the guise of racial protectionism, the Southern Poverty Law Center President Richard Cohen criticized the Attorney General for suing Birmingham.

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"In the wake of deadly violence in Charlottesville, cities around the country are questioning why in a nation dedicated to equality for all, we continue to celebrate and memorialize the Confederacy. Some of these cities are even removing Confederate monuments from public spaces. But in Alabama, state officials are suing the city of Birmingham for trying to do what is right," he said in a Wednesday evening statement.

"The Alabama Legislature should never have passed a law banning the removal of these symbols which represent the oppression of an entire race. Gov. Kay Ivey should never have signed it. If the leaders of Birmingham - a city forever linked to the civil rights movement - believe such monuments do not represent their city's values, they should have the ability to remove them. This law demonstrates that white supremacy and hate prevail in Alabama. It will continue to force people of color to live and work in communities where they remain in the shadow of the Confederacy."

Earlier on Wednesday, Save Our South, non-profit that aims to "preserve Southern heritage and historical monuments across the United States," threatened to sue the city of Birmingham if it took steps to remove the monument.

The group sued the city in 2015 to prevent the removal of the same monument. The suit was later dismissed.

According to Judge Graffeo's 2015 order dismissing the case, he stated that he had been "advised all parties stipulate to dismissing this action, without prejudice" - meaning a suit could be brought again.

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Save Our South is threatening to file a lawsuit against the city of Birmingham for a second time in order to keep a Confederate monument in Linn Park.

The non-profit, that aims to "preserve Southern heritage and historical monuments across the United States," said the city of Birmingham is violating the settlement of their 2015 lawsuit by taking steps to remove the Confederate Soldiers & Sailors monument.

"If the city decides to move forward with removal of the monuments there will be another lawsuit, heavy fines, and it will now be a criminal action," Save Our South said in a press release.

What remains clear without a shadow of a doubt is that the storm has already been brewed and not organically, and the tides of war have already turned and they're turning against history and it's right to tell the truth.

We have to fight back. Once the statues are gone, they'll target the businesses of those ran by the ancestors former slave owners as their excuse to destroy capitalism, once they control the businesses (which they already have a stranglehold over) then they're coming for me and you. Once we're gone, liberals who support them will go too. It's all part of the plan.


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