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Breakfast Brand Blacklists Breitbart, Declares Hate for 45,000,000 Readers: #DumpKelloggs

Kellogg Co. pulled ads from sighting differences in values between its 45,000,000 conservative readers and Breitbart The media giant responded by launching a #DumpKelloggs appeal and called for a boycott of the pervasive food processor. It’s obvious that Kellogg’s intended to financially harm but the news publisher reported that Kellogg’s decision would have no revenue impact. However, the move escalated the war by leftist corporations like Allstate and Target against Trump supporters.

In a statement made by Kellogg’s flak Kris Charles, the company often works in collaboration with media-buying partners to make sure that their ads don’t show up on sites that don’t share the same values as they do. He added that after Kellogg’s conducted further investigation on prospective sites where they can place ads, they decided to discontinue placing their ads on

Unfortunately, Kellogg’s failed to provide substantial evidence as to how the 45,000,000 Breitbart readers fail to align with its values. Kellogg’s move is just another example of a corporation that embraces left-wing narratives that are meant to slander the U.S. citizens.

Alexander Marlow, the Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief insisted that Americans boycott against Kellogg’s products as he described the war against Breitbart News as prejudiced and anti-American: he added saying that Breitbart News was the largest platform for pro-family content in the face of the internet.

Alexander reassured Kellogg’s that Breitbart News and its readers are fearless supporters of the American values, freedom of speech, as he re-stated Breitbart’s motto which is more voices not less.

It so unfortunate that Kellogg’s could make such a move aimed at calming left-wing totalitarians, this was an act of timidity. He added that the move was an insult to the staff and a spit in the face of the 45 million readers some of whom consume Kellogg’s products.

The decision made by Kellogg’s is an act of discrimination and mild prejudice, it’s therefore worth noting that whenever you purchase Kellogg’s products you are promoting prejudice, which ought to stop.It’s therefore every American obligation to boycott Kellogg’s products as part of the #DumpKelloggs petition initiated by Breitbart in a bid to encourage readers and followers for eliminate prejudice from our society. Breitbart has called on its readers to boycott all its products. To be part of this worthy protest make a point of visiting this page and join the movement against Kellogg’s prejudice.

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