By: Earnest Jones | 12-06-2016 | News
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Secretary Of State John Kerry Is Whining That Trump Is Keeping Him Out Of The Loop

The Secretary of State John Kerry made claims on Sunday that he is trying to refrain from Donald Trump’s transition process. However, his recent move proves the opposite of what he said on Sunday, it appears that Kerry is all on Trump’s business as he whines that neither the President-elect nor his transition team talked to the State Department before calling foreign leaders.

This biased claims by John Kerry are just another example of the establishment trying to silence Mr. Trump from making America great again, an effort that requires unconventional methods. The President-elect’s efforts necessitate that he breaks the conventional U.S. diplomatic protocols that have been in place for decades but achieve very little. Trump made a phone call with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen.

It’s obvious that China feels insecure about this and that’s why China’s foreign ministry lodged a formal complaint with the U.S. on Saturday. China views Taiwan as a renegade province while U.S. doesn’t recognize Taiwan as a nation, despite this, Trump went ahead and objectively made a phone call with the Taiwan president. A closer look into the issue will show that Mr. Trump is determined to fulfill his pledges to the U.S. Citizens and that he’ll stop at nothing less than making sure that America is great again.

The call signaled a foreign policy shift by a new administration that is ready to expand its scope to other nations for the wellbeing of its citizens. Despite Kerry whining that Trump did not use the State Department briefings is unfounded, the establishment is so insecure to accept the fact that Trump will disrupt all the polices that are not serving the U.S.

John Kerry was whining at the Saban Forum in Washington in what appears to be attention seeking. He said that they have not been contacted by Trump before he made the phone calls. However, they ought to let the new administration to perform it’s duties independently.

The president elect does consult with briefing materials provided to him by the State Department, this has been re-emphasized y Kellyanne Conway who is Trump’s advisor.

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