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Two Suspects Give Young Girl Drugs in Middletown, Ohio Killing Her Before Dumping Her Body

Middletown, Ohio has been a bastion of crime due to the growing opioid and heroin epidemic that plagues the community.

It's a daily occurrence to see gang shootings over disputed territories, robberies, theft, assaults, and up to a dozen heroin overdoses on any given day.

However Middletown Police believe the latest body to be found, 20-year-old Leslie Dalton, wasn't a typical overdose fatality.

Law enforcement says that Dalton’s body was found in a dry creek bed behind several homes in the 2900 block of Wilbraham Road in Middletown.

Police say her that death was first being investigated as an overdose, but that fouls play was suspected to have been committed because her body was moved.

Two suspects that were interviewed by Detectives said Dalton died at their residence and that they later moved her body in the dark of night, according to court documents.

“Both individuals placed the deceased in a wheelbarrow, wrapped her body in bed sheets and pushed her body across the street into the woods,” she wrote.

Dalton had reportedly been missing since July 27th, and her family had been worried sick as to her whereabouts.

Investigators say that the suspects admitted to dumping the body and then the bed sheets were burned to conceal the evidence of a crime.

Another witness who was inside the home said that Dalton had been “hanging out using drugs a couple of weeks ago” and that was the last time he saw her alive.

Detectives say they've retrieved multiple items to be used as evidence from the home including four cell phones, a marijuana pipe, sheets, bedding, gloves, and the green and yellow wheelbarrow used to transport her body to the creek where she was found.

Detectives also obtained a search warrant over a cell phone that the suspects say belonged to another man who may have had photos of Dalton’s dead body lying in the woods.

An autopsy was conducted Monday on Dalton’s body at the Butler County Coroner’s Office, according to Administrator Martin Schneider. The cause of death is listed as “pending” by the coroner’s office.

“Laws were broken and we are going to seek justice,” Middletown police Lt. Scott Reeve told this news outlet. “We expect to charge them in the future.”


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