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Georgia Woman Miraculously Survives Being Hit By Lightning in Her Kitchen

A Hall County, Georgia woman feels lucky after miraculously surviving being hit by lightning while cooking in her kitchen and living to tell the tale.

Tesia Swearingen said she was busy cooking when the thunderstorm rolled outside on Monday. She admitted making the grievous mistake of opening her kitchen door to hear the storm raging outside. She didn’t have initial worries based on past experiences as she said: “We always have the doors open. We love listening to the thunderstorms.”

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But it wasn’t the usual for her that time on Monday. After hearing the thunderstorms, suddenly everything turned white. She narrated her subsequent ordeal: “I felt this jolt of electricity come out of the tips of my fingers and there were a loud pop and spark. I was very dizzy and lighthearted and, yeah, I was electrocuted.”

Swearingen had to drive herself afterward to North Georgia Medical Center, where she went through a series of tests, necessary X-rays, and blood work.

Thankfully, it was not as bad as it could have been, or even fatal. Instead, she came out of it safe and unharmed. Swearingen said: “I don’t have any burns or anything like that from where the lightning came out. I’m fine.”

She may have been saved from terrible danger, but she swears she will hold the lessons from the experience close to her heart. Swearingen said: “There’s not a lot of people who can make it out completely unharmed and be able to tell their story because that was a lot of electricity.”

She said that she will be more “weather-aware” and will definitely listen to weather advisories on TV. Being hit hard by lightning could kill, it’s better to stay indoors in times of heavy rains and thunderstorms.


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Anonymous No. 6724 2017-08-16 : 10:41

That is precious

Anonymous No. 6725 2017-08-16 : 12:24

She had the touch of god come into her life and she should cherish that forever.

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