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The First By A Japanese Leader Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made a surprising announcement that he would be making a historic visit to Pearl Harbor. This move by would break the record since he’d be the first sitting Japanese leader to visit the memorial Pearl Harbor. The visit is scheduled to take place on Dec.26 and 27 in his final summit with U.S. president Obama. With only two days to the 75th anniversary that marks the attack that led to the U.S. being involved in the World War 2, the declaration by the Japanese Prime Minister was stunning.

In a statement made by the Japanese Prime Minister, he said that he was making the visit so that he could pay tribute to the soldiers and military personnel from U.S. and Japan that died in the War.

In his statement to reporters, he urged world leaders never to repeat the same mistakes that led to the tragedy of the World War, he also sent a message of reconciliation between both the U.S. and Japan. He said that after holding talks with Obama regarding his visit to the Pearl Harbor as they discussed the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum that took place last month in Lima.

The Japanese Prime minister said that his last summit with Obama will be a chance to look back and reinforce the importance of bilateral relationship between both countries and a reflection of Obama’s presidency.

The White House has confirmed that on the 27th of Dec. there will be a meeting in Hawaii adding that both leaders will be displaying the spirit and power of reconciliation that has turned enemies into allies and united nations on the grounds of common interests.

The outgoing president Obama paid a visit to Hiroshima in what was an emotional and historic visit in May. That was the first time that a sitting U.S. president had made a visit to Hiroshima. Obama paid a moving tribute to the atomic bomb victims and re-emphasized that the U.S. and Japan alliance was going to endure as he called for the eradication of nuclear weapons.

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