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Trump Advised To Boost Cybersecurity In The U.S. By Training 100,000 Hackers to Protect the US

The President-elect Donald Trump has been advised by several experts to equip the cyber security in the U.S. by training 10,000 hackers with latest skills in readiness for the growing challenge in Cyberwarfare. The main role that the hackers should play will be defending the U.S. from cyberattacks and also hacking. The commission that advised Mr. Trump on this 21st century threat comprised of renowned figures in the security realm such included the MasterCard CEO Ajay Banga and the former NSA director Keith Alexander who addressed the critical issue in a report to Mr. Trump.

The commission made it clear and insisted that Trump should prioritize on cybersecurity as it poses major challenges to the U.S. citizens. The emphasized that in his tenure, Trump should address the cybersecurity issue thoroughly. The experts proposed that Mr. Trump should not only train hackers but should also be equipped to handle any attempts to threaten the cyber security of the United States, they pointed out that it was necessary for the president-elect to propose international norms for hacking that will ensure improved cybersecurity.

As pointed out by the Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity, in the last couple of years, hackers have been hired by the private sector and hence the United States Government is stripped of the much-needed expertise to protect the country. The commission thus advised the president-elect to consider increasing efforts on training security experts that can serve the country in defending it from this cybersecurity threat.

The president-elect is advised to tackle this issue in his first year in office; the commission added that the private sector remunerates security experts better that the United States and this explains why the security experts are storming into the private sector.

The implementation of a national cybersecurity workforce program ought to be in place to ensure that the training programs are effective by matching skills and quality; therefore the program should oversee the training process thus ensuring that the trainees are equipped with high quality skills.

The Anonymous nominated McAfee to be a security adviser to Mr. Trump. Trump has also been urged to hire a cyber adviser and a cyber ambassador as he works towards a national cybersecurity strategy in his first months in office. Trump was urged to involve security experts that are already working with large corporations and also researchers and professors.

John McAfee has been nominated y the Hacking group Anonymous to be a security adviser for Mr. Trump. Trump was also urged by the commission to offer incentives to companies so that they can come up with products that are secure, this is in alignment with Trump’s campaign pledges.

The President-elect is likely to take several steps to boost the cybersecurity in U.S although he has not commented on the above proposals.

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