By: Savannah Smith | 08-16-2017 | News
Photo credit: Erin Spellman | Facebook

Woman Finds Needle in Hamburger at Popular Fastfood Restaurant in Kentucky

It was an ordinary trip to a popular fast food restaurant, but what should have been just a regular, common and boring quick bite dine-in experience took a turn for the absurd and revolting when a woman found the tip of a needle in her hamburger.

The woman’s stepdaughter shared her stepmom’s shocking experience at a McDonald’s branch in Lexington on Monday. Erin Spellman shared the photo of what her stepmom found in her McDonald’s burger - a tip of the needle, such as those used with insulin pens. Spellman used a caption warning others about the named fastfood restaurant in the Hamburg shopping area.

Spellman also wrote: “Just thought I’d scare everyone with something that personally happened to my family today- my dad and stepmom were eating at the McDonald’s in Hamburg and found a NEEDLE in her hamburger. Health dept has been called but fair warning… do NOT go there!!!”

The Lexington-Fayette County Health Department investigated the McDonald’s incident and the alleged needle found in the hamburger.

Spokesman for the Laexington-Fayette County Health Department Kevin Hall confirmed Tuesday hat the health department had gone to the McDonald's restaurant at 1921 Plaudit Place.

Hall said via email to local media that: “A health inspector visited the restaurant, surveyed the ingredients used to make the burger and found no evidence of contamination. The inspector also spoke with the restaurant’s managers, who reported that they and their staff had no idea how the needle could have been found in the burger.”

Hall said that the McDonald’s branch remains open. He added that the inspector is forwarding the manufacturer lot numbers of all the food products used for the burger to the Kentucky Department for Public Health on Tuesday for possible additional investigation. Hall said that will involve contacting the suppliers to check for contamination further up the line.

Spellman said she became extra worried because her father and stepmom brought her 5-year-old son to McDonald’s for that said trip. She said: “I’ve got kids. That could have been my kid’s hamburger. That’s why I want people to know.”

Spellman insisted that her stepmom bit into her burger and found the shocking needle. She incredulously expressed: “It was in her mouth!”

The couple went to the emergency room at St. Joseph East hospital to get a hepatitis B vaccination and antibiotics.

McDonald’s restaurant owner and operator in the Lexington branch Denise Long also said in a statement to local media: “We take this allegation very seriously, as food safety is a top priority. We are working to verify the facts and welcome the partnership with the health department in this matter.”

Spellman’s father and stepmom declined to comment further on the matter. Spellman’s post has either been taken down or set to private settings from the previous public setting that local media saw. It is no longer available for viewing.


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Anonymous No. 6707 2017-08-16 : 06:31

What an easy way to get aids.

gasgasgas No. 6712 2017-08-16 : 06:49

(((spellman))): I just thought I'd scare everyone with something that personally happened to me

What are lies for $500, Alex?

Anonymous No. 6719 2017-08-16 : 09:06


If it is cooked that should kill the virus.

It is easy to get pozzed if you just have sex with a gay man. Might be more painful than a dirty neeedle.

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