By: Kyle James | 08-16-2017 | News
Photo credit: Fox10

Arizona Woman Charged After Filming And Selling Video Of Her Sexually Molesting Two Children

In one of the sickest forms of abuse imaginable, an Arizona woman filmed herself sexually molesting two young children and selling the videos online. Keri Harwood, 28, was arrested after police served a search warrant at her home. In an interview with police, Harwood told authorities that she met a man online who paid her to masturbate for him in a live Snapchat stream. The man also requested that Harwood send him videos of her performing sexual acts on children. He paid a total of $500-$600 dollars over a period of several months.

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Harwood also told police that she would molest the two young children in her bathroom while her husband was at work during the week. When she was finally arrested, neighbors were shocked to see dozens of law enforcement officers arrive at her home in SWAT gear complete with rifles and body shields. The abuse was initially discovered when Harwood gave a friend of her 'Pokemon Go' login credentials since she was no longer able to play the game herself to due internet issues. Harwood's friend was able to gain access to her Gmail account via the 'Pokemon Go' login credentials and that is where she discovered two videos of the sexual molestation. Her friend also discovered Paypal transactions in the amount of $50, $101 and $115.

When the search warrant was served by the authorities, Harwood admitted to sexually molesting the two young children on at least five separate occasions. She has been charged with ten counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and five counts of molestation of a child. Harwood is currently behind bars with a bond set at $150,000 and no information has been released regarding the man who purchased the videos.


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