By: Earnest Jones | 12-06-2016 | News
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False Flag By Pizzagate Suspects Seeking Sympathy

Gunman With An Assault Rifle In The Comet Pingpong Restaurant.

Reports from Fox5 claim that on Sunday afternoon, the police swarmed the area around Comet Ping Pong after an armed suspect who had an assault rifle stormed the restaurant claiming he wants investigate Pizzagate. The mainstream media claims that this event led to the closure of Connecticut Avenue from Fessenden Street to Nebraska Avenue NW.

As faulty as the story appears it evident that this was a false flag by the Pizzagate suspects who are trying to seek empathy for their horrifying actions. It turns out that the armed suspect is one of those actors who happen to have an IMDB page just like Omar Mateen.

The fact that the Pizzagate suspects are already aware of the ongoing investigations against them should make it obvious that they have already confiscated the evidence. The media is collaborating with the suspects to feed the masses with these fake news meme. Reports from eyewitnesses say that the gunman had no gun. Well, I guess you’re asking what evidence is available that it’s a false flag. Here is the evidence, it’s no coincidence that they moved the traffic cam on Comet pingpongs street.

The police claim that the suspect entered the restaurant and pointed an assault rifle at one of the employees. Fortunately, the employees was able to escape and call the police. Look at this critically it begs the question on how incompetent the gunman was to allow the employees to escape and call the police who strangely appeared in the scene after few minutes.

Police claim that no one was injured as the suspects riffle was discharged inside the store. This appears to unfold so smoothly since it was a false flag. There were two riffles that were recovered from the suspect’s vehicle.

The suspect was interviewed after the arrest and he claimed that he went to the establishment to self-investigate the Pizza Gate. The Pizza restaurant located on Connecticut Avenue has been heavily criticized with negative social media reviews. This was after the truth was unveiled of the wicked undertakings that the Pizzagate suspects were conducting in the premise.

The U.S. citizens are tired of these violations of human dignity that the Pizzagate suspects have been indulging in, people ought to unite without violence and put to an end this horrible ring of pedophiles. As much as the mainstream media is collaborating with the suspects, the U.S. citizens ought to unite to make sure that the suspects are brought to justice.

There has been several efforts on social media to end this horrible PizzaGate, such include the trending hashtag #PizzaGate to slam Comet Ping Pong. The efforts should continue until Hillary Clinton and her campaign are brought to justice for their satanic rituals and child trafficking.




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