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Media Denounces all Conservatives as Nazis while Antifa Gets Free Ride

Equality is an important issue that is making the rounds in the news a lot lately. In the wake of the tragedies in Charlottesville some glaring disparities are making themselves known. One thing that seems odd, for instance, is the fact that the swift action of the media outrage machine was not nearly as proportionate as when Antifa and Black Lives Matters have committed similarly egregious acts of hate and violence.

It seems that hate and violence aren’t the issue here at all. More so it’s is the hate and violence you harbor on “the right side of history.” Though it oft goes unreported, <a href=””>violence against Trump supporters</a> is nothing new and you don’t have to be a white supremacist or Nazi to get egged, maced or beaten. In fact, you don’t even have to be white or straight or male for that matter. Since the rise of Antifa and the idea that “speech is violence” the public perception of “punching Nazis” (or anyone branded, accurately or not, such) has changed dramatically.

Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau, <i>The Nation</i> and multiple other widely read sources have applauded the actions of Antifa and their indiscriminate attacks of right wingers and Trump supporters under the auspices of “keeping the streets safe from Nazis.” Richard Spencer, the boogieman of white nationalism, becomes a poster boy for the “punchable Nazi.” It’s this climate of justification of political violence that leads to incidents like the shooting of Senator Scalise simply because he was a Republican.

President Trump denounced the violence “on all sides” and was bashed by the media for not denouncing and disavowing the “Nazis” in Charllotesville. But why was there no similar outcry for Obama to denounce BLM after a cop was shot (and paralyzed) in Baton Rouge. Same with assassinated police in Dallas. Why was there no major media outcry when Antifa riots yielded property damage and bloody aftermath?

Crimes against white people (specifically for being white or purported Trump supporters) have also been on the rise. A young man with special needs was tortured in a live stream on Facebook. The outcry over it just didn’t have the same sort of reverberation as when Trump tweets about CNN “inspire violence against reporters.”

<a href=””>Partisan extremism and political violence are on the rise</a> and it’s both sides who are reaching for arms and joining the fray. Groups like Direct Action Alliance and Disrupt J20 (which is associated with the DC Welcoming Committee) are often involved with the bussing in of “for-pay protestors” and <a href=””>J20 is currently being investigated by the Department of Justice</a>, despite DreamHost attempting to protect the information of “their users.” This is yet another case where there seems to be one set of rules for the rabble on the left. Consider the immediate response of GoDaddy in regards to hosting the Daily Stormer after they posted an insensitive and hateful article about Heather Heyer, the protestor who died in Charlottesville.

During the “Battle of Berkeley” a professor nearly killed a man by bludgeoning him with a bike lock. In addition, five arrests for for battery, four for assault with a deadly weapon and one for resisting arrest occurred. Items confiscated included metal pipes, baseball bats, two-by-four blocks of wood and bricks.

The Washington Post in January reported “Activists aligned with ‘black bloc’ groups had similarly wreaked havoc during protests in Washington during the inauguration, destroying property for the sake of upending order.”

David Gomez, former FBI senior counterterrorism official in Seattle spoke of how groups like the black-bloc take “advantage of the legitimate protesters to destroy things and emphasize their anarchist roots.”

The assumption that moral high ground offers immunity from morally reprehensible actions is fuels violence from Antifa and other “direct action” groups. These groups engage in violence against the perceived threat of conservatives, right wings and libertarians, or as they’re referred to in media shorthand “Nazis and White Supremacists.” The result will be an increase of paranoia, disenfranchisement and marginalization of these groups which, according to the same media, is part of what causes groups like ISIS to grow in numbers. In short, the media are claiming that anyone to the left of Lenin is a violent bigot who deserves preemptive violence.

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Goldwater News Denounces all Liberals as Communists while Nazis Gets Free Ride,

just making a point.

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