By: Nicole Lopez | 12-05-2016 | News

Mike Pence Already Emerging as a Vital Members of the GOP and Trump's Administration

Vice President-elect Mike Pence is not yet scheduled to assume office until January but he has already shown why he deserves to hold the second most powerful position in the U.S. government. Following Donald Trump’s victory, Pence has been busy unifying the Republican Party, enacting the president-elect’s early policies and ensuring that the country will have a stable administration.

Even before Trump won the election, Pence has been expected to serve a vital role in the former Republican candidate’s incoming government. During the campaign period, the VP-elect has maintained stern reputation for his devotion to the conservative movement and the unification of the country’s political environment.

Now that he has become an official member of the new administration, Pence has kicked into full-gear by taking on an early start in his duties as an incoming vice president. One of the major victories that was attributed to him was the major role he played in the deal between Carrier and Trump, Politico reported.

Staying true to his word during the campaign, Pence promised to bring jobs back to the American people. Through his role as the governor of Indiana, Pence was able to secure Trump’s deal with carrier in order to keep about 800 manufacturing jobs in the state, instead of outsourcing them to Mexico.

Aside from this, Pence also became the bridge between Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan that ultimately unified the Republican Party. During the final weeks of the campaign season, Ryan rescinded his support for Trump. This then led to rumors about members of the House ousting Ryan due to his lack of support for the GOP.

To prevent a division within the party, Pence personally reached out to Ryan to explain Trump’s true intentions for the House and the Republican Party. The vice-president elect told him wants Ryan to keep his position in order to ensure the GOP’s strong and unified presence in the House. Through Pence’s efforts, Ryan and Trump were able to make amends and unify the GOP.

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