By: Savannah Smith | 08-15-2017 | News
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Kentucky Officer Faces Disciplinary Measures for Mocking Charlottesville Death

A Kentucky police officer who made a Facebook post mocking the death of a woman killed in the Charlottesville chaos after a car rammed into a group of protesters of the white supremacist rally in Virginia is now facing disciplinary measures.

Officer Morris Rinehardt was placed Monday on paid administrative leave while an internal investigation is underway. Shively police Lt.Col. Josh Myers confirmed the measure against Rinehardt.

Local media reported that Rinehardt posted on his personal Facebook page a picture of a car with a controversial caption that reads:”When you were born a Challenger but identify as a Ram.” Rinehardt also added “LMFAO”- laughing my f___ing ass off- in the comments of another social media user’s post of a fake advertisement that the said vehicle was for sale that said “Minor front end damage. Nothing serious.”

The man charged in relation to the vehicle-ramming incident in the Charlottesville rally happens to be driving a Dodge Challenger.

Videos from the rally showed a 2010 Dodge Challenger barreling into pedestrians at high speed. Heather Heyer, 32, was killed and more than a dozen other people suffered injuries from the incident.

Myers shared that Rinehardt faces the potential punishment from six days suspension to termination. Myers also said: “Obviously the Shively Police Department does not condone any activity both on or off duty that shows any kind of indifference to human life.”

Rinehardt closed down his Facebook page after his post caught local media’s attention. He has been serving with the police department for two years and bears no disciplinary infractions on his personnel file before the said Facebook post. Neither did Rinehardt had any commendations.

Myers insisted that he and his nearly three-dozen sworn officers are taking the matter seriously. He also said that both the mayor and police chief were unhappy about the said Facebook post, but hope that it was an isolated incident and does not reflect the sentiments of the other police officers.


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Anonymous No. 6671 2017-08-15 : 18:34

Fucking cow deserved it.

Anonymous No. 6674 2017-08-15 : 18:48

So your women will deserve being run over for being associated with an internet hate fag? OK, where do you live, I've got a car handy if you're near by, I mean, that is what you want isn't it, they die, you cry.

Anonymous No. 6687 2017-08-15 : 23:20

So white people don't have the first amendment now. This is genocide. Look what diversity has brought us.

Anonymous No. 6697 2017-08-16 : 02:36

Officers of the law are meant to be impartial, they are meant to represent the police department as a whole, just as serving military personnel can't vote. Anymore stupid comments.

NOTE, I said officer because his colour is irrelevant, it was his actions whilst recognisably a police officer that were at fault.

Anonymous No. 6710 2017-08-16 : 06:42

I will vote for any legislation that removes rights for non-white and removes rights from women.

Anonymous No. 6757 2017-08-17 : 01:02

6710; Let me guess, so you can't get arrested for raping your daughter again. As for non-white, be fair the black cop was justified for hitting you, after all you were raping your 6 year old daughter when he heard her scream.

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