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Florida Man Tripping on LSD Goes On Crime Spree

Sometimes the headlines tell the best tales. This isn't one of those because the plot most certainly thickens the further into the story you delve.

An eighteen-year-old man from Cape Coral, Florida, apparently dosed himself into a crime Spree all across his neighborhood.

Tuan Nguyen (not sure if that's Vietnamese but it certainly sounds to be the case) was first seen making an attempt to hotwire a vehicle at the house directly across the street from his private residence.

A woman then came out to her driveway, where she claims Nguyen then tried to chase her down like a “rabid dog”. The woman's son in law heard the commotion and came out to chase Nguyen off.

He says that Nguyen then bounced onto the top of the car and left a dent in it, in an attempt to escape. "It looks like the guy went on top of it and jumped on it," said the victim, who asked to have his identity concealed.

The victim's mother in law then ran inside to safety, fearing the man was insane and had intended violence, Nguyen gave chase. After she shut the door and locked it he apparently then began punching the windows, eventually breaking one, trying to get inside as if he were a bloodthirsty cannibal hell bent on devouring her.

The son in law held Nguyen at gunpoint in the front yard and then called emergency 911, and soon after police arrived at the scene.

Mangled glass sheds and a bent window screen could be seen littered across the front lawn according to the police.

Police also say at which time Nguyen had to be "drive-stunned" with a Taser because he resisted arrest and any attempts to follow orders.

Detectives later said that Nguyen was high on LSD at the time of the crime spree in his neighborhood.

"I asked him, 'are you high?' and he said yes," said the victim.

He says Nguyen appeared to be disoriented and delusional, and completely out of it.

According to officers his speech was both erratic and slurred and he allegedly switched between English and another language, but he wasn't making any sense to the police.

"The mother-in-law was threatened in the front yard and chased into the house; obviously there's a fear for safety there," said Corporal Phil Mullen, Cape Coral Police.

Upon further investigation, detectives were told by another neighbor that he found Nguyen in his garage trying to hotwire his car as well.

Nguyen was arrested for two individual counts of occupied burglary of a dwelling, burglary of a vehicle, two counts of criminal mischief, assault with intent to commit a felony, and resisting without violence.

He remains incarcerated in the Lee County Jail without bond until his arraignment.


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Palerider1861 No. 6641 2017-08-15 : 11:27

All behavior by this individual points not to LSD, but rather to either synthetic marijuana (possibly) or bath salts (likely).

Anonymous No. 6653 2017-08-15 : 12:06

Why is marijuana illegal but bath salts legal? It doesnt make sense.

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