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22-Year-Old in Mackay City in Queensland, Caught Dragging 20m of Hose for Craft Bong Project

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Police authorities had an interesting run-in with a drunk bloke in Mackay City in Queensland, Australia. The drunk, who was identified as Nicholas James Waddell was dragging along 20 meters of garden hose at the time of the arrest.

Waddell, a tradie from Habana, told the authorities that he intended to use the hose to craft bong parts, sounds unbelievable? Moments later, the guy burst into tears.

The seemingly perplexed Waddell faced Mackay Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of suspected stolen property. He also claimed that he couldn't remember his run in with police whatsoever. 

However, he boldly accepted responsibility for the offense, something that left the public gallery stifling giggles. He made his appearance on Monday wearing high-vis work gear and was not represented by a lawyer.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Duncan Erskine provided details of the hose incident, he revealed that Mackay Northern Beaches police were patrolling Andergrove Road in Mackay when they were stopped by an unknown man who reported he'd seen a fellow hauling a hose along.

"Police stopped and spoke to the defendant, who informed police he had found a hose and was going to take the hose and cut it up to make bong pipes," Snr Const Erskine said.

"Police questioned the defendant to where he'd located the hose and the defendant stated he couldn't remember.

"The defendant informed police he was refused service at the Andergrove Tavern. He was asked to leave, so he did and he found the hose.

"Police asked the defendant if he'd attempted to locate the owner of the hose and he replied similarly to 'you snooze, you lose' and then laughed."

When police told Waddell they believed the hose was stolen he said 'that may be true, you've got me'. "The defendant then began to cry," Snr Const Erskine said. The prosecution "requests disposal of the hose", he added.

Magistrate Scott Luxton asked Waddell if he had anything to say for himself. Waddell said it was the first time he'd heard about the conversation with police.

"But in saying that, I do not know whether or not I said those things," he said.

"I was very intoxicated. I don't remember a single thing of that night, apart from Queensland winning that night, and that's not relevant," he, however, acknowledged that he was ready to take the consequences.

Waddell was thus not accused of theft, but he was thought of having stolen property. Mr. Luxton described Waddell as "grossly intoxicated" on the night, which wasn't an excuse but put the situation in context. He was fined $300 and no conviction was recorded.


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