By: Earnest Jones | 12-04-2016 | News
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U.S. Armed And Trained Both Sides Of War In Yemen: Leaked Files Show

The Mainstream media is reportedly failing to do its job in informing Americans of the involvement of the United States government of the war in Yemen. Despite the obvious fact that the U.S. has provided most of the bombs used in the war the corporate media won’t acknowledge that. The war has resulted in the internal displacement of 3.15 million people in Yemen.

Leaked documents from the Clinton’s tenure and the first two terms of John Kerry’s term when both held their roles as Secretaries of State.

WikiLeaks has unveiled the fact that Saudi Arabia’s interest in Yemen revolves around the Arabian sea since the country controls the area in which 11 percent of the world’s petroleum passes daily.

Saudi Arabia fears the presence of Iran as a competitor, this especially increased after Iran signed the nuclear deal with the U.S. this could result in Iran returning to the global oil markets, something that Saudi Arabia fears.

However, Saudi kingdom is a strong oil provider since it has the world’s second largest oil reserve. The country's influence in the global market is decreasing as country such as Russia increased their efforts.

The Yemen’s Houthi rebels were used as a reason for Saudi involving itself in the war. The Saudis hoped that by having Yemen being ruled by a Saudi-supported government and eradicating the Shia influence from the area, they would have greater access to the Arabian Sea. The Strait of Hormuz is in the Arabian Sea and 20 percent of world’s petroleum passes there.

Leaked documents from WikiLeaks showed that U.S. Colonel Randolph Rosin told Major General Ahmed Ali al-Ashwal from April 2006 to December 2014 that he looked forward to building strong, fruitful, and mutually beneficial relations between the forces of both countries.

In the year 2012, documents released from United States Central Command outlined the plan for the Yemeni weapons and training programme. The military was listed the materials to be supplied which included ammunition, grenades, handguns, machine guns, and armored Humvees.

The leaked documents prove that the United States had supplied Yemen with military materials with some reportedly being lost. In a report from the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), it outlines that the U.S. is involved in the Yemen war by providing training and arming efforts that started back in 2008 through to the year 2013, this was 2 years before the Yemeni civil war started.

In an astonishing document from the Pentagon, the Defense Department had delivered $500 million worth of military hardware to the Yemeni Military back in 2006. The same training and weaponry that the U.S. provided Yemeni government has now fallen into the hands of militants that fighting Saudi Arabia which is an ally of the U.S.

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