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Photo credit: OCSO Bodycam

Okaloosa County Sheriff's Deputy Commits Police Brutality Tasing White Woman For Speeding

Disturbing body cam footage has been released by the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Department where you can see an officer pull over a white woman for speeding.

In the video, the officer pulls over the clearly distraught woman, Morgan Revell, for speeding who complies and hands over her license and tells the officer she's been fighting with her boyfriend on the phone and she was upset and didn't realize she was speeding.

The officer, however, begins making demands to the woman to get out of the vehicle or he will arrest her, which is illegal since he had no probable cause for detainment.

The reason for pulling her over was speeding. She gave him her identification and insurance yet the cop then continued to harass her instead of writing a ticket and going about his day.

Upon demands for her to get out and her stating she knew her rights he then becomes triggered and pulls out a taser. The woman is shocked at the sight of the taser and continues to say, “Are you kidding me? For speeding?”

At which point Morgan Revell then received the hit from the officer's taser. Not only does he continue to shock her while she's screaming in agony, but after he stops he repeats the process multiple times to the point she falls out of the car in misery almost unconscious.

The officer to follow protocol should have called for backup immediately since it was a female, which he didn't. Then after the incident, the Sheriff's office later claims they found narcotics in the vehicle, however, if that were the case it would have been unlawful search and seizure since he never had probable cause.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office has been plagued with similar claims, and the woman Morgan Revell is now filing a lawsuit for police brutality claiming the drugs were also planted.

Oddly enough the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office body cam footage from the deputy shows no drugs being confiscated whatsoever, which is amazing considering the cam would have been rolling the entire time.

Towards the end of the footage, you can see the woman's vehicle rolling away since the officer shot her with the taser before she could disable the vehicle.

Back in 2009, the actual Sheriff, Charlie Morris, of the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Department was arrested in a money laundering scheme. The OCSO is a corrupt establishment clearly.


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Me No. 6630 2017-08-15 : 10:29

Holy Mary Mother of Jesus…

countless times, from a cops advice and instruction: if you ever get pulled over and you get a certain uneasy feeling YOU CALL 911 from your cell phone. You have that right. (So they say, now I wonder though) Remember that advice? But instead though, some gal somewhere was intimidated, she got out of the car trying to be coopertaive. She gets raped. Usually, its someone posing as a police officer. And all the sudden it's HER FAULT BC SHE DIDNT LISTEN TO HER INSTINCT!

Seriously, damned if she does, damned if she doesn't.

That was not exactly a well-lit area, as she says herself,

"Backroads" and a great place for ANYONE to "have a lil fun" or else commit a crime. Probably a good thing she DID resist!

Against feminists No. 6640 2017-08-15 : 11:18

Speeding, resisting, deserves to get the shot like most black people would have gotten.

Reney No. 6819 2017-08-18 : 04:00

She'll be lol all the way up and down those back roads she'll make Bank on this one. Kaachhhiing. Hehehe. Oh and will you let us know when this POS gets a great beat down

So we can all laugh our asses off?! That's gonna be HILARIOUS. He's gonna have to squeal like a pig hahahaha I want to see that on video!

,, wtf No. 6820 2017-08-18 : 04:22

What idiot calls this…RESISTING? for speeding? He

The police officer had no reason to detain her … nada.

Resisting? Mmkay.

I guess when this happens to your loved one -oh well. She had it cummin. Partly in thanks to YOU

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