By: Kyle James | 08-15-2017 | News
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Why Does First Lady Melania Trump Treated So Different Compared To Her Predecessor

While the new President of the United States deals with threats of open war from North Korea as well as allegations of ties to Russia, one member of the first family remains in the shadows and constantly painted in a negative light by the media. First lady Melania Trump has been criticized by news outlets and public figures repeatedly since her husband's inauguration on January 20th, 2017. This treatment is in stark contrast to her predecessor, Michelle Obama.

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Former First Lady Michelle Obama was constantly invited by talk show hosts and television programs alike during her husband's presidency. Mrs. Obama made countless television appearances including Ellen, Rachael Ray, Project Runway, Parks and Recreation, Martha Stewart, American Idol and numerous late night talk shows to name a few. So where has our current First Lady been and why the absence from television? The answer may be a combination of more than one factors but one thing is for sure, the media does not like Melania Trump.

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Since becoming First Lady, Melania has been the subject of hundreds of verbal attacks and media 'hit pieces'. Most recently, Melania has come under fire for 'wearing high heels' by articles from Newsweek and Forbes.

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Also, British actor Helen Mirren has called out the First Lady for having "a dark Slovenian soul"A quick Google search on any day between last January and now will reveal nothing but negative headlines surrounding Melania Trump. While you would be hard pressed to find anything terrible the First Lady has actually done to warrant such negative headlines, one thing is for sure, her treatment in the media compared to Michelle Obama is a stark contrast and we probably won't be seeing her in any hit, pop culture television shows any time soon.


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Anonymous No. 6615 2017-08-15 : 05:40

TBH, I feel sorry for her, she's trapped, married to a narcisist, etc with a step daughter who hates her, the rest of the family basically ignore her. Her son is a blessing and a curse because if not for him she could just leave, but because she loves him and tries to protect him from his fathers ways she's trapped, if she tries to leave, the prenup, the lawyers, Trump using the child as a restraining leash, especially now he's a presidents son. No hate, just pity, I hope she finds a way free, her, and the boy.

N2N No. 6634 2017-08-15 : 10:42

How about the simple fact First Lady Melania Trump has grace, class and beauty.

The Feminists and other Liberal Talking Heads for Media Face Time are having a hissy fit. Because here is strong, but quiet mannered female role model that displays female charm and characteristics.

Anonymous No. 6648 2017-08-15 : 11:51

Melanie is hottt

Anonymous No. 6667 2017-08-15 : 17:44

First Lady Melania Trump has grace, class and beauty.

um, yeah, ok……………………..

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