By: Kyle James | 08-15-2017 | News
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Police Officer In Massachusetts Applauds Charlottesville Killer On Social Media

A Facebook post has landed a Massachusetts police officer in hot water after replying to a Facebook post condemning the Charlottesville attack by saying "Hahahaha love this, maybe people shouldn’t block road ways".

Conrad Lariviere is a patrolman for the Springfield Police Department and immediately replied to his own comment with a follow up comment taking issue with the writer's description of the alleged attacker. "How do you know he was a Nazi scumbag? Stop being part of the problem," he said.

When other users began to criticize Lariviere for his insensitive posts he responded by saying "You ignorant brats live in fantasy land with the rest of America while I deal With the real danger.” MassLive confirmed that the comments were made by Lariviere who they confirmed is employed by Springfield Police department. Lariviere later apologized for the insensitive and poorly thought out comments saying he didn't support murder, was not a racist and just wants to be left alone. Well, that last request is probably not going to happen. That's what happens when you comment on public websites with inflammatory statements, your putting yourself out there in the public eye and you assume responsibility for the consequences the moment you post those comments.

Springfield Police Commissioner John Barbieri has been alerted to Lariviere's comments and has launched an internal investigation to review Lariviere's comments and determine if he, in fact, made them. Springfield Mayor Domenic J. Sarno commented on the subject condemning Lariviere's comments with one word, "Unbelievable".


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Anonymous No. 6599 2017-08-15 : 00:04

Conrad Lariviere

Anonymous No. 6601 2017-08-15 : 02:06

Good to know the cops hate this shit too.

Anonymous No. 6603 2017-08-15 : 02:43

>your putting yourself out there 


Anyway, this cop is one of the good guys. Letting commie mobs block the roads is retarded.

No No. 6604 2017-08-15 : 02:53

Since when is a traffic accident enough to get you labeled a 'killer'?

There is presently ZERO evidence to support any hostile intent in this scenario - it was just a tragic traffic accident.

Get your head on right (((Goldwater))).

Anonymous No. 6669 2017-08-15 : 17:58

6599. No honour, resign.

6601. And a lot of cops hate racist assholes.

6604. 6603. No, this cop is a cunt, and by your logic any mob blocking roads are retarded.

Evidence, was seen accelerating, aimed car at crowd, continued to accelerate until car couldn't continue, then deliberatly reversed back into more people, driver could steer, accelerate, change gear, brake. It was intentional, if you're gonna be a 'hero', then have the balls to admit it, unless you're a coward.

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