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Kid Rock may not be Eligible for Michigan Ballot

People are fed up with the GOP. They're sick of their failures as a party to accomplish the President of the United States of America Donald J. Trump's agenda.

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That's a big part of why so many fresh faces are appearing to take on the role of politician, to try and help drain the swamp and help Make America Great Again.

The infamous artist Robert Ritchie, widely known as "Kid Rock," wants to take on the race in Michigan and destroy both the GOP and the Democrats in the region where he's from and help put a fresh name into the Senate, one who can identify with the region.

However now there's a legal battle brewing, with those who oppose him taking on the establishment saying that he may not be able to use his stage name on the ballot in Michigan next year if he ends up running for the Senate.

Kid Rock, who has already said he's going to challenge the Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow in the 2018 midterm elections, is an iconic name that offers the potential to change the narrative in a part of the United States that has been destroyed by economic policy failure and horrendous leadership.

The establishment however is making it an uphill battle, in their minds, saying that Ritchie received enough valid signatures to make the ballot, but he submitted them with the indication that he wanted to be listed as "Kid Rock," which the Michigan Bureau of Elections is now being told to investigate the request and decide if the name is permissible.

The dinosaur establishment is desperate right now, saying that "Kid Rock does not appear to be an acceptable name under the state's five criteria for the manner in which a candidate can have their name appear on the ballot”, trying to ruin his chances to be on the ballot by removing the efforts he's went through so far to make the ticket.

Election rulings and stipulations in Michigan in order to submit a name to the ballot, called the Michigan Affidavit of Identity and Receipt of Filing, is one of the many stipulations for a candidate's name appearing on the ballot.

What it essentially says is that they "may not use a ‘nickname that is not a recognized diminutive of the candidate's given name or middle name.'"

According to Ritchie’s opponents, "Kid Rock" may mobilize some individuals to vote for him, but it would be "premature" to rely upon the idea that a celebrity could win simply because President Donald Trump was elected.

I know, we all get that it's preposterous. Kid Rock is a household name and we all agree he would destroy anyone who runs against him.

If Kid Rock does end up running, he may now have to undergo a new process of submitting signatures in his favor using his full name.

They're literally desperate at this point to stop any outsider candidate who's looking to upend the political establishment in Washington, D.C., with desperation and pathetic maneuvers that make the average person despise these establishment types even more.

The establishment forgets these same dirty tricks and a failed strategy to attack people is what led to Trump destroying the left in 2016, as well as the right.

Rob Ritchie, or Kid Rock, you had better get used to calling him Senator soon, because he's not only going to win but win in a landslide.


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Anonymous No. 6581 2017-08-14 : 21:45

You need to look up oklahoma right now before msm

Anonymous No. 6651 2017-08-15 : 11:57

He should just change his name legally to Kid Rock. Rob Ritchie is kind of a weak name.

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