By: Savannah Smith | 12-04-2016 | News
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Few Heart-broken Hillary Supporters Turn to Michelle Obama For '2020 Revenge'

The still-in-mourning Hillary Clinton supporters and avowed Trump haters still cannot quite accept the fact that Donald Trump has won. So instead of supporting the incoming President fulfill his vision of making America great again in the next four years, Hillary fanatics would rather set their sights on 2020 and look to First Lady Michelle Obama to heal their broken hearts and avenge their 2016 shattered dreams by running for President herself and face Trump who is very likely to seek reelection by then.

A few supporters have formed three new political action committees over the last month all with the intention of convincing Michelle Obama to run for President in 2020 to " bring back an Obama in the White House."

Right after the elections and as soon as it became apparent that America will not yet have its first woman president, some bitter Hillary supporters led an online campaign to urge the First Lady to give 2020 a try, and fulfill what Hillary failed to achieve: become America's first woman president. Days after Hillary's crushing defeat, the hashtag #Michelle2020 began trending on Twitter.

Then some are taking it a bit further, proving that they are more serious than just going viral or campaigning by hashtags. Ready for Michelle, a super PAC that could raise unlimited sums from donors, has filed its paperwork with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) on October 31.

Donald Garrett, a federal government employee from Virginia, is the man behind the founding of the super PAC for Michelle Obama. Things are moving slow, however, with Garrett saying only four people have joined him so far, volunteering their time and efforts to circulating their pro-Michelle petition, managing the website they have established for their call, and a Facebook page for the same purpose. So far, they have only raised less than $1,000 and gotten only more than a thousand people into signing the petition urging Michelle to run.

Two other PACs apparently also promoting a Michelle Obama 2020 run have been filed as well with the FEC. The big difference, however is that they cannot raise unlimited sum of money from individual donors.

The Ready for Michelle founded by Garrett says in their website that " America needs a loving healer like Michelle in order to bring together factions of our divided nation to produce policy results". The other PACs, however, blatantly declared that they would be opposing Trump and encouraging others to do so.

The few supporters of the Michelle dream may be hopeful, but they will be facing a huge debacle in their quest-Michelle Obama no less, and even her husband, President Barack Obama. The Obamas have both firmly declared that politics is not for Michelle and that the First Lady has no plans of running for any position ever.

Maybe this is just a temporary preoccupation of some heartbroken Hillary supporters as they nurse their broken hearts over Hillary's devastating loss. Perhaps accepting the truth and embracing President-elect Donald Trump's gracious call for all Americans to help him rebuild the country instead would help them heal faster.

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